Best Campfire Grills

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A campfire grill is a simple and convenient way to cook food outdoors without the hassle of propane or other fuel sources.

These grills are designed to be placed directly over a campfire. They are often compact and lightweight. This allows for easy transportation and storage, which is vital for carrying them on long hikes through the wilderness.

Below we have compiled our picks for the best campfire grills. We are confident that most readers will find a quality grill that meets their needs. 

The 8 Best Campfire Grills

1. Stromberg Carlson Stake and Grill

The Stromberg Carlson is a simple design but highly effective as a campfire grill. The grill is staked into the ground adjacent to the campfire so that the grill grate is over the fire. The grate can then be moved up or down to adjust for the flames and heat. The below picture shows an example of how this campfire grill is used. 

What we like? 

  • The grill disassembles into two pieces (the stake and the grate) for easy transportation.
  • A nylon bag is included with the purchase of this grill for storage and carrying. The bag helps deter any potential mess from the grill. 
  • The grate is able to lock into position once the appropriate height is determined. 
  • The user is able to pivot the grill away from the fire. This allows food to be loaded and unloaded away from the fire. The manufacturer states that it can rotate 360°. 
  • The edges are raised to help prevent food from tumbling off into the fire. 


  • The vinyl storage bag could be more durable. 
  • The grill will not accommodate the weight load of a cast iron skillet per the manual. However, the manufacturer states it can handle a pot of coffee, as an example.
  • A grill brush is not recommended to be used on the chrome finish surface. A scouring pad should be used for cleaning. 
  • 15” wide x 22” long 
  • 36″ long stake
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2. Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

This Texsport grill is built to handle the load of cast iron cookware. For example, the seller states that this grill can handle a 40 pound dutch oven. The legs fold up to allow for easy storage and transportation. It is available in three sizes: medium, large, and extra large (pictured above). 

What we like? 

  • The grill is manufactured out of a high-quality welded steel, which allows heavy duty use of this grill. 
  • Foldable legs


  • No carrying case included. 
  • It is not recommended to cook directly on the grill grate. 
  • Medium: 16″ x 12″
  • Large: 24″ x 16″
  • X-Large: 36″ x 18″ 
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3. Adjust-A-Grill 

This Adjust-A-Grill is very similar to the Stromberg Carlson featured above. The stake is hammered into the ground and the grill is attached to the stake. The height of the grill can be adjusted as needed. Additionally, the grate can be rotated around the stake to make adding and removing food a simple process. See this grill in action in the video posted below. 

What we like? 

  • The grill features a heavy gauge steel. Buyers claim that this grill can hold cast iron cookware. In other words, it will have no problem holding the food that most people place on it. 
  • It comes with a durable canvas storage bag. 


  • The downside of this grill is the short stake pole. Its length is only 24 inches which does not allow a lot of wiggle room for adjustment. 
  • Cooking surface: 16″ x 16″
  • Stake: 24″
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
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4. Bruntmor Grill Swing Campfire Cooking Stand 

The Bruntmor Grill might seem like a cooking stand that is designed to remain stationary. However, the whole unit is able to collapse down so that it can be carried in a carrying case. This is one of the best campfire grills for accommodating larger cooking pieces such as dutch ovens.  

What we like? 

  • This campfire set will fold out or collapse within minutes. There is minimal hassle to quickly get to cooking or to clean things up to move on with your day. 
  • This cooking stand comes with five hooks of different lengths for hanging different size pots.
  • The large swing tray can be moved to well over a dozen positions. 


  • This grill might not be ideal for someone looking to minimize the weight of their camping gear that they plan to haul. The total weight is approximately 26 pounds, which is a quite heavy to carry long distances. 
  • 22”x 4.5″ x 34″ 
  • Weight: 26 pounds
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5. GameMaker Gravity Grill 

We love this GameMaker for it versatility of being both a skillet and grill. You are able to use the skillet for cooking foods such as pancakes or eggs while the grill can be used for items such as steaks or chicken. Essentially, you are not limited by the cooking surface to grill only certain foods. 

What we like? 

  • The dual cooking surfaces can pivot on and off the fire for heat control and convenience of food access. 
  • Tools are not required to gets the grill up and running or to break it down. 
  • The grill set up takes only a minute or two. You simply drive the stake into the ground and position the cooking surfaces over the fire to being grilling. 
  • The grill offers 300 square inches of ample cooking space. 
  • Made in the United States. 


  • The stake (poll) is only about three feet. This does not allow for a lot of wiggle room for adjustment of the two cooking surfaces. 
  • Poll: 36.75″ tall
  • Skillet: 18.625″ x 15.625″
  • Grill: 18.5″ x 16.375″
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6. AmazonBasics Folding Campfire Grill

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, but high-quality campfire grill, this AmazonBasics might be the one that fits your camping needs.

 The grill featured above is the medium grill. Amazon also offers an x-large version of this grill for people that desire a bit more cooking space. The below image reflects the size differences between the two grill sizes. 

What we like? 

  • The legs fold in for easy storage and mobility. 
  • The grill is made out of a durable welded steel that will hold up under high heat. 
  • The grill surface can support cast iron cookware.


  • The grill surface is not designed for direct-contact grilling. We recommend buying some cast iron cookware, if you do not already have it, if you decide to purchase this campfire grill. 
  • The size of the fire will need to remain small given the short distance from the ground to the bottom of the cooking surface. 
  • A storage bag is not included. 

See the image above. 

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7 .Nashrio Portable Camping Grill

This Nashrio campfire grill is one to consider if portability and space are your primary concerns. This likely isn’t the grill you are going to use routinely around a fancy home campfire, but it is an excellent option for a backpack grill. 

The grill breaks down in less than a minute and can be ready to start grilling in about three minutes. All the pieces fit into a small 12.4 inch cylinder container as shown in the picture below. With a weight less than a pound, you will not be bogged down by the grills excessive size. 

What we like? 

  • This is one of the best campfire grills for portability. 
  • Durable stainless steel construction that helps prevent food from sticking to it. 
  • The grill is conveniently dishwasher safe. 


  • This is not the sturdiest grill as likely expected. 
  • The grill sits low to the ground so it is not ideal for placing over a roaring fire. 
  • The construction (i.e. threading) is cited by some as not being stellar. 
  • 11″ x 11″ x 6″ (assembled)
  • 12.4″ x 1″ x 1″ (packed up size)
  • Weight: 12 ounces
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8. Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger

This Coleman is simple to operate by setting the tripod over the fire and adjusting the grill grate to your desired height. The tripod can also be used as a lantern hanger when it is not placed over the flames. 

What we like?

  • The legs are made from galvanized steel. 
  • There are numerous ways to adjust the height of the grill grate. 


  • The grill grate is best suited for lighter weight food and cookware. 
  • The tripod is difficult to move once in position over the fire. 
  • The grill may be a bit much for some hikers to haul. However, at home use or carrying it short distances will be okay for most. 


  • 17-inch diameter grill grate
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cook directly on a campfire grill?
    • It depends on the grill. Some grills are not made to place food directly on the grate because of the material used. If you intend to cook directly on the grill grate, you should verify it is safe to do so before buying a campfire grill. 
  • Are campfire grills practical to carry on long hikes? 
    • Some of the grills above are best used at home or transported short distances from the car to the campsite. However, a campfire grill such as the Nashrio featured above weighs less than a pound and takes up minimal space. This type of grill is suitable for long distance hikes. Examine the weight and size of the grill if you plan on hauling it for long distances. You may also want the grill to come with a storage bag (not all campfire grills come with one). 
  • Can’t I just use a portable grill instead of a campfire grill?
    • Portable grills are acceptable to use for camping where permitted. However, you have to worry about also bringing along a fuel source for the fire such as charcoal or propane. This can take up valuable space and there is also a worry about potentially running out of fuel. A campfire grill sits over the fire. If you can make a fire, you can also have a hot meal. 
  • What grill accessories should I consider purchasing for my campfire grill?
    • We recommend getting this Life 2 Go 9-piece portable camping utensil set. It has everything needed to prepare a variety of meals around the campfire. All the utensils fit in a compact case provided with your purchase. We also suggest buying heat resistant gloves to protect your hands while working around the fire. Lastly, you should consider purchasing some cast iron cookware when grilling directly on the grate is not an option.