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Best Snow Blowers for Women

Credit: Bill Morrow This article is designed to help women find a snow blower that has been manufactured with the ease of maneuverability in mind. In addition, we focused on selecting only high-quality, proven machines that have been built to…

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Best Snow Blower For Elderly

Best Snow Blower for Seniors

Last Updated: 08/16/2019 Snow removal can be extremely challenging, especially for older adults who might have certain limitations on their physical activity. Finding the right snow removal tool can make snow cleanup a much easier process for senior citizens.  While…

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Is A Snow Blower Self-propelled

Are Snow Blowers Self-Propelled?

If you have ever tried to manually move a two-stage snow blower, you likely understand why this type of snow blower needs to be equipped with a self-propelled option. The larger blowers are simply too difficult to push for even…

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Shovel Vs Spade

Difference between spade and shovel

Shovels and spades are often confused. They look alike and are commonly used to for  similar tasks. This article is designed to help you determine the difference between a spade and shovel. We start by providing some definitions and then…

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