6 Plants That May Repel Mice

Before we get into the plants that repel mice, let us be clear that in-depth studies have not been completed to determine how efficiently these plants work to drive off mice. The plants mentioned below are believed to have worked for some people. However, there simply is not overwhelming evidence to suggest that these plants …

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Does One Mouse Mean An Infestation?

A natural part of home ownership is dealing with pests both inside and outside. One of the most common pests for homeowners are mice. estimates that 21 million U.S. homes experience rodent problems each winter. During this time, mice seek out shelter and food because their natural outdoor environment often is scarce in resources …

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Do Deer Eat Sunflowers?

Deer are a major problem in gardens around North America and beyond. One day a garden can be lush with fruits, vegetables, and other plants. The next day all of a gardener’s hard work can be destroyed by the indiscriminate taste buds of a local deer population. Sunflowers are not only cherished for their unique …

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Can Raccoons Climb Fences?

Raccoons are one of the cutest nocturnal animals. This is especially true when you compare them to other night movers such as opossums or bats.  However, raccoons can cause some serious problems around the home if they feel comfortable enough to stick around. They are notorious for raiding outdoor garbage cans and not being neat …

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Do Deer Eat Hostas?

Deer eat hostas

Do deer eat hostas? The short answer is yes. While deer will eat just about any vegetation in desperate circumstances, hostas undoubtedly top the list as one of their favorite foods. Both North Carolina State University and Michigan State University confirm that hostas are a frequently damaged plant by deer.  Evidence of Damage You can …

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Spiders creep most of us out with their eight legs, beady eyes, and nasty webs that you can never seem to get off you. They are in horror movies, in our nightmares, and we grow up learning to hate them. Despite their bad rap, they can be beneficial to keep around the house instead of …


Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

Deer do have preferences when it comes to the plants they eat. However, they will eat just about every type of vegetation if they are hungry enough. Let’s take a look at the question “Do deer eat hydrangeas?” to see how likely these plants are to be a buffet for these animals. There are several …

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What Kills Rats Instantly?

Snap Trap Kill Rat Instantly

When rats become a problem around the home or yard, killing them is a common solution. However, not all methods of extermination are the same in regard to how humane they are to the animals. A humane approach is to learn what kills rats instantly (or close to it), so that they do not suffer. …

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Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

Deer eat pumpkins

Deer will eat just about anything edible if they are hungry enough. However, they do have preferences for some foods over others. Deer do eat pumpkins and they are one of their more prefered foods. According to the University of Massachusetts, pumpkins are one of the most susceptible crops for deer damage. Deer tend to …

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