Fall Cleanup

Best Ways To Pick Up Acorns

When fall is near, many homeowners begin to dread not only the leaf clean-up process, but potentially acorn clean-up as well.  If you have acorns, you have an oak tree lingering somewhere near your home. In fact, all oak trees produce acorns which are true nuts. If you happen to live by mature oak trees, …

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Can You Mow Wet Leaves?

how to mow wet leaves

While fall brings the beauty of leaves changing colors, it also brings the hassle of having to clean up those leaves after they fall from the trees. During the fall, the weather is notorious for being unpredictable in many areas. This is particularly true in the northern United States where the fall brings a range …

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Leaf Clean Up Options for your Yard

Ways to clean up leaves

The fall season is a beautiful time of year for many people who live near deciduous trees. The typical green leaves we grow comfortable with during spring and summer start to gradually change to amazing colors of red, orange, yellow, brown, and beyond. Unfortunately, this beauty is fleeting as the trees quickly shed their leaves …

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The 9 Best Leaf Scoops for 2020

Best Leaf Scoops

What Are Leaf Scoops Raking leaves into a pile is the easy part. Picking up leaves and transferring them into a bag is another story. Many people struggle with this step during fall cleanup as they try to place leaves into a bag using their hands, a rake with their hands, or another inefficient method. …

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