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Best Cooler For Patio

Best Patio Coolers

If you go back a just a decade or two, there is no doubt that the idea of a patio cooler was much different back then. It was commonplace to go to a patio party or event and find drinks…

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Best Patio Weed Killers

Shelby L. Bell: CC by 2.0 Patio weeds are often an unsightly mess for many homeowners. The good news is that you do not have to waste your free time manually pulling these weeds. Selecting one of the best patio…

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Best Offset Umbrella

Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella

What is a cantilever umbrella (a.k.a offset umbrella)? Merriam-Webster defines cantilever as a projecting beam or member supported at only one end. This definition likely will make more sense to you once you view the pictures below in our list…

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