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Best Chairs For Fire Pit

Best Fire Pit Chairs for 2019

Credit: ACM Design Architects The backyard fire pit is often a place for relaxation and great conversations. It is where stories are told, songs are sung, memories are shared, food is roasted, and games are played. Given the above, you…

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Snow Damage A Trampoline

Will Snow Ruin a Trampoline?

During the fall yard clean up process, many people have to make a decision about what to do with their trampoline before the harsh winter rolls around. Many people have the internal debate about whether they should store the trampoline out…

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11 Best Backyard Water Slides

If you are in your 30s, 40s, or older, things likely have change since you were a kid. Yes, the basic Slip 'N Slide that you may have enjoyed for many summer days is still cool in our book. However,…

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Disposing Of Fire Pit Ashes

What to do with Ashes from Fire Pit

A fire pit often creates a wonderful atmosphere for great conversation and relaxation. There is something special about getting outside and sitting around the flames. While a fire pit can produce many hours of enjoyment, the ashes left behind can…

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