Do Deer Eat Hostas?

Deer eat hostas

Do deer eat hostas? The short answer is yes. While deer will eat just about any vegetation in desperate circumstances, hostas undoubtedly top the list as one of their favorite foods. Both North Carolina State University and Michigan State University confirm that hostas are a frequently damaged plant by deer.  Evidence of Damage You can … Read moreDo Deer Eat Hostas?

Fire Pit Skulls – Add Some Creepiness to the Flames

Best fire pit skull

Image: Steve Jurvetson  Fire pit skulls might not be a part of your everyday decor, but there is no doubt that they will be the center of conservation around Halloween time. Add some imitation skulls to your fire pit or fireplace to create a spooky and realistic holiday atmosphere.   Most fire pit skulls are made … Read moreFire Pit Skulls – Add Some Creepiness to the Flames