Find tips on establishing or maintaining a lush green lawn.

Do Snails Eat Grass?

There are around 60,000 species of snails and slugs in the world. The three types of snails are land, sea, and freshwater. The type of snail that you may see around your yard is a species of land snail. If it doesn’t have a shell, it is not a snail but a slug. Snails are …

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Does Boiling Water Kill Weeds?

People are increasingly looking for natural weed control solutions given the potential dangers of chemical-based weed killers to humans, pets, and the environment. We believe most people would opt for a natural weed killer over a chemical one if it actually was as effective at killing weeds. The good news for people looking to keep …

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Does Grass Seed Have To Be Covered?

The quick answer is no, grass seed does not need to be covered. We have successfully grown grass without covering the seed on several occasions. However, you should strongly consider covering your grass seed as we will explain below. Before we discuss covering grass seed, we recommend following these basic steps to obtain success with …

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Are Dandelions Weeds?

Come spring when plant growth is abundant, the battle is fierce in yards everywhere to eliminate each and every dandelion from lawns. While there certainly are many people who despise dandelions in modern times, they were actually brought to America from Europe on purpose. As Columbia University explains, early American settlers of the 1600s used …

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Best Ways To Pick Up Acorns

When fall is near, many homeowners begin to dread not only the leaf clean-up process, but potentially acorn clean-up as well.  If you have acorns, you have an oak tree lingering somewhere near your home. In fact, all oak trees produce acorns which are true nuts. If you happen to live by mature oak trees, …

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Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Best Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers 1. Honda HRX217K6HYA 21-inch Variable Speed Mower     The Honda HRX217K6HYA is our top choice for the best self-propelled lawn mower. This 21-inch cutting width mower comes equipped with Honda’s Versamow System. This 4-in-1 system provides the user with the ability to bag, mulch, discharge, and shred leaves.  You …

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