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Deer eat hostas

Do Deer Eat Hostas?

Do deer eat hostas? The short answer is yes. While deer will eat just about any vegetation in desperate circumstances, hostas undoubtedly top the list as one of their favorite foods. Both North Carolina State University and Michigan State University…

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Self propelled mower vs push

Push Mower vs Self-Propelled

The life expectancy of a lawn mower is approximately 10 years. This is the reason why people who are considering purchasing a walk-behind mower should understand the differences between a push mower vs self-propelled. Selecting the right mower is essential…

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Spiders creep most of us out with their eight legs, beady eyes, and nasty webs that you can never seem to get off you. They are in horror movies, in our nightmares, and we grow up learning to hate them.…

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best cooler for patio

Best Patio Coolers

If you go back a just a decade or two, there is no doubt that the idea of a patio cooler was much different back then. It was commonplace to go to a patio party or event and find drinks…

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