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How Much Grass Seed Do You Need

How Much Grass Seed Do I Need?

Generally, grass seed is expensive. Getting the quantity right is essential if you are not interested in wasting money on excess seed. Additionally, it is important not to lay down too much or too little seed to avoid undesirable results.…

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Best Dandelion Killers for your Lawn

Dandelions are a perennial broadleaf weeds that are a problem for numerous homeowners around Northern America and beyond. Since they are a perennial, they will reemerge each year if not killed off. Dandelions will be most noticeable in the spring…

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self-propelled lawn mower for residential use

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Finding the best self-propelled lawn mower can be a chore with the seemingly endless options out there. Below we have selected our favorites to hopefully make it easier for you to pick a winner for your yard. We would undoubtedly…

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Hose off lawn mower

Can I Hose Off My Lawn Mower?

There is no doubt that a lawn mower can quickly get dirty. This is especially true when mowing wet grass. Maintaining a clean mower is essential to keeping it running efficiently for many years ahead. However, a proper mower cleaning…

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What Size Lawn Mower

What size lawn mower do I need?

Finding the right size lawn mower is important because it can prevent a lot of hassle down the road. A lawn mower that is too big for a yard may be difficult to maneuver and lead to unnecessary expenses that…

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Aerate lawns by hand

How to Aerate a Lawn By Hand

Manual Lawn Aerating Aerating involves piercing numerous holes into the lawn soil a few inches from each other. These holes are beneficial to a lawn because they allow for increased air flow in the soil, better water penetration, improved root…

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Can You Use a Leaf Blower to Blow Snow?

  • November 29, 2018
  • Lawn

Image: Graham Rendoth via Flickr It is not uncommon to hear the roar of the leaf blower from spring to fall across America. However, after about the first frost, the leaf blower is commonly tucked away and rarely thought of…

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What Does Lime Do for Grass?

You may have seen bags of lime stacked next to your favorite fertilizer at your local garden center and wondered if this is something you should be using on your lawn. While lime tends be relatively inexpensive, it is not…

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