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how to mow wet leaves

Can You Mow Wet Leaves?

While fall brings the beauty of leaves changing colors, it also brings the hassle of having to clean up those leaves after they fall from the trees. During the fall, the weather is notorious for being unpredictable in many areas.…

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Roundup grass killer

Does Roundup Kill Grass?

Q: Does Roundup kill grass? A: Yes, Roundup (as pictured above) is an effective way to kill both grass and weeds down to the root. It is commonly used to kill an existing lawn so that it can be seeded or sodded…

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When to aerate a lawn

The Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is usually done by using a specialized aeration machine, which digs cores out of the lawn to leave numerous holes in the grass soil. If you are not familiar with lawn care, this may sound like it is…

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how often should you mow grass

How often should you cut your grass?

Most homeowners mow their grass once a week when they can fit it into their schedule. This usually means after work or on the weekend for the busy people out there. However, grass does not always grow to where it…

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