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Deer Eat Pumpkins

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

Deer will eat just about anything edible if they are hungry enough. However, they do have preferences for some foods over others. Deer do eat pumpkins and they are one of their more prefered foods. According to the University of…

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Skunk Climb

Do Skunks Climb?

Most people rarely encounter skunks since they are nocturnal and avoid humans. If skunks are spotted, they are usually seen scurrying around the yard or along the roadside. We would suspect that most people probably have not seen skunks climbing…

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Will Deer Eat Roses

Do Deer Eat Roses?

If you have roses in your yard, you likely appreciate their beauty and potentially their fragrance as well, if you have a variety that produces that distinctive rose scent. Additionally, you probably realize the hard work that goes into caring…

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Bleach Kills Roach

Does Bleach Kill Roaches?

The numerous ways to use bleach seem endless. It is commonly used around households as a cleaner, but a quick internet search will reveal many uses beyond killing germs. A common question we hear about bleach is how effective it…

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Deer Eat Marigolds

Do Deer Eat Marigolds?

If you have deer that frequent your yard, you likely have received some plant damage from their grazing. In some areas, it is not uncommon for a garden to be decimated overnight from a hungry herd. While it may seem…

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Mothballs Keep Away Snakes?

Do Mothballs Keep Snakes Away?

My mom swears that mothballs keep away just about any living creature. It is funny because she used to hate how my grandma would stink up her garage with them. Now she does the same thing. Her main purpose for…

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Wood Deck Shovel

Snow Shovel for a Wood Deck

  While wood decks often do a good job standing up to the elements and foot traffic, they can be damaged from using a snow shovel on them to clear snow. You should try to avoid using any type of…

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Bleach Deter Rats

Does bleach keep rats away?

Rats may be cute to some, but to many they can be a real nuisance. This is especially true when they gain access to your home or are lingering around your backyard. Rats can carry a number of diseases such…

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