6 Plants That May Repel Mice

Before we get into the plants that repel mice, let us be clear that in-depth studies have not been completed to determine how efficiently these plants work to drive off mice. The plants mentioned below are believed to have worked for some people. However, there simply is not overwhelming evidence to suggest that these plants …

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5 Best Sod Pluggers for 2021

A sod plugger allows plugs of grass to be removed from an existing lawn or sod and transplanted to establish a new lawn. The photo above shows how these plugs are replanted. The tool can also be used dig holes for plugs that are purchased.  Not all types of grass can be replanted as plugs. …

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Do Deer Eat Sunflowers?

Deer are a major problem in gardens around North America and beyond. One day a garden can be lush with fruits, vegetables, and other plants. The next day all of a gardener’s hard work can be destroyed by the indiscriminate taste buds of a local deer population. Sunflowers are not only cherished for their unique …

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