bleach kills roach

Does Bleach Kill Roaches?

The numerous ways to use bleach seem endless. It is commonly used around households as a cleaner, but a quick internet search will reveal many uses beyond killing germs. A common question we hear about bleach is how effective it is at killing or keeping away pests. Today we are going to explorer specifically “does …

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Deer Eat Marigolds

Do Deer Eat Marigolds?

If you have deer that frequent your yard, you likely have received some plant damage from their grazing. In some areas, it is not uncommon for a garden to be decimated overnight from a hungry herd. While it may seem that deer have no particular favorites when it comes to vegetation, they actually do have …

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can you compost bread

Can You Compost Bread?

Most people out there have likely come across the unpleasant surprise of moldy or stale bread when going to make a sandwich. There is no doubt that this can ruin a lunch when you were looking forward to that sandwich all morning. The common first reaction is to toss the disgusting bread in the trash …

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