Best Wheelbarrows Under $100

Top wheelbarrows under $100

There is no question that a wheelbarrow makes many jobs around the yard much easier. It is a versatile tool that can be used for many tasks such as landscaping, hauling material, weeding, mixing, and more.  The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to obtain a quality wheelbarrow. We …

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Best Rakes for Pine Needles

Pine needles are a huge hassle to clean up if you do not have the right tools in your lawn care arsenal. For example, a typical walk-behind lawn mower has difficulty sucking up all the needles and a traditional leaf rake requires a lot of labor to produce respectable results. One of the best options …

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Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

Deer do have preferences when it comes to the plants they eat. However, they will eat just about every type of vegetation if they are hungry enough. Let’s take a look at the question “Do deer eat hydrangeas?” to see how likely these plants are to be a buffet for these animals. There are several …

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What Kills Rats Instantly?

Snap Trap Kill Rat Instantly

When rats become a problem around the home or yard, killing them is a common solution. However, not all methods of extermination are the same in regard to how humane they are to the animals. A humane approach is to learn what kills rats instantly (or close to it), so that they do not suffer. …

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Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

Deer eat pumpkins

Deer will eat just about anything edible if they are hungry enough. However, they do have preferences for some foods over others. Deer do eat pumpkins and they are one of their more prefered foods. According to the University of Massachusetts, pumpkins are one of the most susceptible crops for deer damage. Deer tend to …

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Do Skunks Climb?

Most people rarely encounter skunks since they are nocturnal and avoid humans. If skunks are spotted, they are usually seen scurrying around the yard or along the roadside. We would suspect that most people probably have not seen skunks climbing up trees or sitting on top of their fence. So, do skunks climb? The answer …

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