How Many Roma Tomatoes In A Cup?

You’ve picked a few roma tomatoes from the vine or bought some from the grocery store. A recipe calls for a cup of roma tomatoes. How many do you dice up to equal one cup? 

Of course the size of the roma tomatoes matters. Not all grow to the same size so there will always be some variation on how many equal one cup.

We diced up the large roma tomato pictured below and it produced a half cup. Of course, two of these roma tomatoes of the same size would produce one cup.

Keep in mind that the tomato pictured is much larger than the roma tomatoes we normally purchase or pull off the vine. Our typical roma tomatoes are about half this size. 

So, how many roma tomatoes in a cup? The generally rule is that four diced roma tomatoes equal one cup, but as we demonstrated above, there will be variations.