Does Bleach Kill Roaches?

bleach kills roach

The numerous ways to use bleach seem endless. It is commonly used around households as a cleaner, but a quick internet search will reveal many uses beyond killing germs.

A common question we hear about bleach is how effective it is at killing or keeping away pests. Today we are going to explorer specifically “does bleach kill roaches?”.

Yes, bleach does kill roaches. The bleach either needs to be sprayed onto them or the they must ingest the liquid. This may seem like a quick and cheap solution to eliminate roaches, but please consider the following first.

While cockroaches are notorious for feasting on just about anything, it is improbable that they will swallow bleach. This includes food, for example, that has been soaked in bleach and left out over night as bait. Even if a few roaches were to swallow the bleach, it likely only going to eliminate a tiny percentage of the household roach problem.

Exposing the roaches to a high-strength dose of bleach will kill them. Their bodies typically need to be thoroughly soaked in the bleach to effectively kill them.

Drenching only the roaches that you see is not a good solution to a roach problem since numerous other roaches are likely hiding in the immediate area. In other words, if you kill one or two via the bleach method, you really are not attacking the source of the roach problem, which is the nest.

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Hazards of Bleach

Keep in mind that bleach presents many potential hazards, especially when used in a high-concentration for killing roaches. It can cause irritation to the eyes, mouth, throat, skin, stomach, and respiratory. This is particular true if the user does not ventilate the room, properly dilute the bleach, or wear gloves and a mask.

Additionally, it is generally not a good idea to indiscriminately spray bleach at roaches due to the harm it could create to the surface where it lands (i.e. discoloration).

A Better Alternative

While bleach is a cheap solution to killing roaches, we do not recommend using it based on what was outlined above. However, we do recommend using the highly rated Advion Cockroach Gel Bait shown below.

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The Advion gel is spread where the roaches have been noticed. The gel is designed to attract the roaches for a food source. After the roaches consume the gel and make their way back to the nest, they will spread the roach poison to other roaches before they die.

As shown in the below video about Advion, a single roach can go on to kill 54 additional roaches. You can likely figure out the damage if even only a few roaches eat the gel and make their way back to the nest. It is a highly effective roach killer that is a much safer and efficient solution to a roach infestation.

Ways to Deter Roaches

A roach problem occurs when a friendly environment is provided for these pests. This means that the roaches have sufficient food and water to thrive. A roach problem can potentially be deterred by following the tips outlined below:

  • Avoid Feeding Them – If you suspect roaches, we suggest thoroughly cleaning your like you would for a special occasion where important guests are invited over. Things such as crumbs, dirty dishes, and open food container are all invitations for roaches to stick around for a feast.  
  • Eliminate Water Sources – Roaches need water to survive. They often find this water in areas that many homeowner might not consider as a source. Things such as wet sinks, moist dishes, and leaky pipes will provide roaches their needed water. Look for ways to keep moist areas dry in your home by thoroughly searching for water sources. 
  • Close Gaps & Cracks – Gaps and cracks in walls or floors provide an easy entry point for roaches. Seal all potential access areas leading to the outside or an adjacent unit. This includes doors and windows when not in use. 
  • Remove Hiding Places – Roaches love the dark, which is why they infamously scatter when the light turns on at night. You should eliminate convenient hiding places where roaches may camp out. This includes newspapers, rugs, cardboard boxes, magazines, yard debris, and stacked logs. 
  • Pull the Trash –  Our trash, is a roach’s treasure. Kitchen trash cans often feature a buffet of food items for roaches to dine on. Keep a lid on the can and pull the trash regularly to deter roaches. 

Call a Professional

If you do not feel comfortable attempting to eliminate roaches on your own, call a professional before the problem gets out of hand. Roaches multiple extremely fast. For example, a female American cockroach will produce, on average, 150 offspring in her lifetime, according to the University of Florida.

A reputable pest control expert will likely be much more expensive than most DIY methods, but at least you will have the piece of mind that your problem will be solved in most situation.