Best Garage Door Keypad for the Home Garage

A garage door keypad is mounted outside of the garage door. It is programmed by the owner with a code (most commonly 4-digits) that can easily be remembered.

When the code or PIN is entered into the programmed keypad, the garage door opens. This eliminates the need to carry around the garage remote or even potentially a house key when you go for a walk, as an example.

Essentially, whoever has the passcode can gain access to the garage. It is excellent for use by older kids coming home from school, relatives and friends. Several keypad models even allow a temporary PIN to be set to allow people such as service or delivery professionals to open the garage on a limited basis. 

Below, we have compiled a selected of the best garage door keypads on the market. Before you purchase one of these keypads, be sure it is compatible with your garage door opener. Not all garage door keypads are universal. 

The Best Garage Door Keypads for the Home Garage

1. Chamberlain 940EV-P2 Garage Door Keypad

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This Chamberlain keypad works with residential garage door openers made by LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain from January 1993 and beyond. It is made for doors with photoelectric sensors that are located at the bottom of the door to prevent the door from closing on a person, pet, or object. The learn button on the garage door opener must be yellow, purple, orange or green for compatibility purposes. 

There are no unsightly wires running from the keypad to the inside of the garage. The keypad is wireless and runs on a 9-Volt battery. You will be able to tell when the battery needs to be replaced when the keypad dims.

The keypad is programmed using a 4-digit PIN with a few simple steps completed through the keypad. You can view the manual for specific details on the programming process. 

One extremely convenient feature of this keypad is its ability to set a temporary 4-digit PIN. The temporary PIN can be set to be keyed in a determined amount of times by the owner. This allows limited access for people like delivery people, short-term renters, and others. 

Other features included an all-weather cover, illuminated key lights, and multiple door connection. 


2. Genie Wireless Keyless Keypad Easy Entry   

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The Genie wireless keypad is operational with Genie Intellicode Openers that have been manufactured since 1995. It is functional with Genie single or double frequency openers.

The keypad lights up when an initial key is pressed to eliminate the need for an alternative light source to punch in the PIN at night. 

 Unlike the typically 4-digit PIN that is standard among garage door keypads, this Genie allows anywhere from 3 to 8 digits for the passcode. This allows for great flexibility for how secure you want your PIN to be. 

Similar to the Chamberlain above, this keypad allows a temporary PIN to be set. This allows for your permanent PIN not be to compromised and limits access to people you do not necessarily want to have long-term entry into your garage.

The keypad is equipped with a cover that protects the keys from exposure to the elements. Its all-weather design helps ensure the keypad will work no matter the season. 

This Genie works off of dual frequency technology of 315/390MHz. This permits the keypad to operate even when interference is present. 

The keypad uses two AAA batteries for power. The unit comes with these batteries along with mounting screws and installation instructions. 

3. Linear LPWKP MegaCode Wireless Keypad

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This keypad is designed for MedaCode series radio controls that are used for garages and gates.

A PIN can be selected that is from 1 to 6 digits with obviously more security provided with longer codes. You have 30 seconds to reactivate the open or closed feature after entering the PIN without having to re-input the code again.  

The keypad is backlit with a blue light so that the numbers can be easily viewed at night. The keypad is equipped with its own button to turn on the backlight. 

This Linear keypad also has a lockout features. After 10 failed attempts at inputting the PIN, the keypad will be diable. The user will have to wait 30 seconds before attempting to enter a new code again. 

It takes three AAA batteries that can easily be installed or changed via a slide cover below the front keypad. 


4. Domino Engineering GD1 Garage Door Keypad

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The good news about this Domino Engineering keypad is that it is compatible with any garage door opener that allows extra wired push buttons, according to the manufacturer. The potential downside for some people is that the device is required to be hardwired. However, the benefit of the unit being wired is that you will receive superior reliability over pure wireless models. 

The keypad lights up at night so there will be no issues typing in the right code when visibility is limited. The keypad stays backlit for 20 seconds after the final key is touched.

Setting the PIN is done at the control box that is placed inside the garage. The code is set simply by sliding a switch to program, pressing enter on the outside keypad, entering the desired PIN, and pressing enter again. The PIN code can be set for up to six digits. 

This keypad system is made with a lockout feature. After the fifth wrong code is entered on the keypad, the keypad briefly locks for one minute. 

5. Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System

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You must have a Marantec garage door opener that runs on a 315 MHz frequency for this keypad to work. 

This keyless entry system is able to be used on up to four garage doors to eliminate redundancy of potentially having a keypad for each door. The door is programmed with a 4-digit PIN. The keypad has a button that closes the garage door when pressed without the need to enter the PIN again. 

The keypad provides the option to set a temporary PIN so that workers, guests, and others can have limited access to your home without having to later reset the permanent code. 

The exterior of the keypad provides a modern silver metallic appearance. The all-weather cover slides up and holds in place at its top resting position to allow the PIN to be entered without disturbance from the cover. The large buttons that are backlit make viewing the keypad a breeze no matter the time of day. 

It is powered by two AAA batteries that are included with the keypad and mounting plate/kit. The batteries secure in a weather resistant battery holder to protect them against the elements.  

6. Skylink KN-1 Universal Wireless Garage Door Opener

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This Skylink KN-1 allows the existing wall mounted button to be replaced or operated alongside the old wall button. This then allows the included keypad to be operational with most garage door openers available nationally. 

The below video provides an excellent tutorial on how the Skylink is installed using the existing wiring. We think if you watch the video you will find the installation process much easier than you might be imagining. 

The keypad is able to withstand elements with its weatherproof cover. The numbers are backlit to allow them to be easily seen when light is minimal. It has a timeout feature that locks the keypad for 10 minutes after 10 failed attempts at entering the PIN. Only a one AAA alkaline battery is required for operation.

7. myQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

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Okay, this is not your traditional garage door opener keypad but we think it will appeal to some readers given its functionality. The myQ Smart Garage Door Opener allows the door to be opened and closed through the myQ App at any location by using a mobile phone.

Real time notifications can be sent to you any time the door is used. You can be certain that your garage door has been closed through the app when you are away. Additionally, guests of your choice can be given access to control the garage using the myQ Guest feature. You can even setup a schedule of when the garage opens/closes through the app. 

This smart garage door opener is compatible with major garage door openers manufactured beyond 1993 that have safety sensors. You will need a Wi-Fi router and a smartphone to operate this opener. 

The below video video shows the setup process for this device. Most people will have this device installed in less than an hour.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits can be programmed into the keypad for the passcode or PIN?

The number of digits that can be programmed varies from keypad to keypad. The most common option is 4-digits similar to an ATM. The Linear keypad featured above allows for 1 to 6 digits to be programmed, as an example of an alternative.

Are garage door keypads universal?

It is not uncommon for garage door keypads to only work with certain brands and/or garage door openers made after a certain date. You should always verify that a particular keypad is compatible with your garage door opener before you purchase.

Is programming and installing a garage door keypad easy?

Generally, yes! We estimate that most people will have their new keypad up and running within an hour. It is often just a matter of mounting the keypad outside of the garage and then programming it using the “learn” button on the garage door opener.

What height to mount the keypad?

You should considered who will be using the keypad. If a younger person or someone who is shorter will be using it, you should install it to where they can easily type in the passcode. Generally, keypads are placed about five feet from the ground.

Where should the garage door keypad be placed?

It should be placed in a location where the person entering the code will be safe to enter the passcode (i.e. away from the garage swinging open). It must also be in range of the garage door opener. Check the owner’s manual for the range requirements.

Do garage door keypads have a lockout feature?

It is not uncommon for keypads to have a lockout feature. When a person enters a certain number of incorrect passcodes, the keypad kicks into a timeout mode that disallows new passcodes to be entered for a set period (i.e. 5 minutes). The number of passcode attempts before the timeout and the timeout length will vary. Check the manual for specific details.

Can a garage door keypad be used in the dark?

Many keypads are backlit so that all the keys light up for a reasonable period once the first key is pressed. This allows the keypad to be used no matter the time. If you plan on using your keypad in an area that has poor lighting, you likely will want a keypad that lights up.