How Much Does A Chainsaw Weigh?

The weight of a chainsaw is a concern for many people. A chainsaw that is too heavy for the user to handle poses an obvious threat to their safety. 

A chainsaw that is too light makes taking risks a much easier task. For example, a lighter chainsaw allows the saw to easily be used directly over the head or in unnatural positions that could lead to injury. Additionally, dangerous kick back is much more of any issue for light chainsaws in comparison to heavier ones. 

Let’s take a look at a selection of chainsaws and their weights. This should provide you with a general idea of the weight of a chainsaw.

However, weights vary significantly. You should visit the manufacturers website for specific weight information of a given chainsaw. 

Gas-Powered Chainsaw Weights

ChainsawWeightChain Bar SizeLink To Product
Husqvarna 455 Rancher 13.2 lbs (excl cutting equipment)18 inches(See More)
Husqvarna 24010.3 lbs (excl cutting equipment)16 inches(See More)
Remington RM 4218 Rebel≈ 14.5 lbs (without chain oil or fuel)18 inches(See More)
Ryobi RY371610 lbs16 inches(See More)
Echo CS-271T6.6 lbs dry weight, without bar & chain)12 inches(See More)
Echo CS-40010.1 lbs (dry weight, without bar & chain)16 or 18 inches(See More)
Poulan PR502013.0 lbs (without bar, chain, and empty tank)20 inches(See More)
Stihl MS25010.1 lbs (dry, without bar & chain)16 or 18 inches(See More)
Stihl MS1708.6 lbs (dry, without bar & chain)various(See More)
Jonsered CS22409.48 lbs (excl. cutting equipment)16 inches(See More)
Jonsered CS225512.8 lbs (excl. cutting equipment)20 inches(See More)

Electric Chainsaw Weights

ChainsawWeightChain Bar SizeAmpLink To Product
Oregon #CS150013.2 lbs (with guide bar and saw chain attached)18 inches15 Amp(See More)
Ryobi RY431555.8 lbs16 inches13 Amp(See More)
Worx WG303.111 lbs16 inches14.5 Amp(See More)
Greenworks 2033211.46 lbs18 inches14.5 Amp(See More)
HomeLite UT431037.8 lbs. (power head)14 inches9.0 Amp(See More)

Battery-Powered Chainsaw Weights

ChainsawWeightBar & Chain SizePower Link To Product
Husqvarna 536Li XP5.29 lbs (excl. battery and cutting equipment)14 inchesLithium Ion(See More)
Dewalt DCCS620P19 lbs12 inchesLithium Ion(See More)
Ego CS18009.7 lbs (Without battery pack, chain
18 inchesLithium Ion(See More)
Remington RM4040≈10 lbs (without battery & chain oil)12 inchesLithium Ion(See More)
Black+Decker LCS10207.2 lbs10 inchesLithium Ion(See More)
Ryobi RY40511 10.6 lbs14 inchesLithium Ion(See More)
Worx WG322.96.2 lbs10 inchesLithium(See More)
Greenworks 200000211 lbs (without battery)18 inchesLithium Ion(See More)
Makita XCU09Z7.5 lbs (without battery)16 inchesLithium Ion(See More)