Best Wheelbarrows Under $100

Top wheelbarrows under $100

There is no question that a wheelbarrow makes many jobs around the yard much easier. It is a versatile tool that can be used for many tasks such as landscaping, hauling material, weeding, mixing, and more. 

The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to obtain a quality wheelbarrow. We have provide our six picks for the best wheelbarrows under $100 that we believe provide an excellent value. In fact, the first two are manufactured to such a high standard that they could hold up to the wear and tear of many commercial landscaping tasks. 

The Best Wheelbarrows under $100

1. True Temper Wheelbarrow 6 cu. ft.

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It is tough to find a wheelbarrow under $100 that is so highly-rated as this True Temper. Its current rating on is 4.6 out 5 with well over 1,000 reviews. There is no doubt that this wheelbarrow is often praised for its durability and functionality. 

For its price, you might expect less hauling capacity than the 6 cubic feet that this wheelbarrow offers. It will have no problem carrying large loads of materials used around the yard such as mulch, soil, and stones. 

Additionally, you might assume a lesser quality material than a steel tray and handles. While the handles are steel, they have comfortable grips that will help deter blisters or sore hands. 

 It is not uncommon for traditional wheelbarrow tires to deflate after a few heavy loads. It can be a huge hassle, especially when a flat is unexpected.

One feature we love about this True Temper wheelbarrow is that it is equipped with a flat-free tire. There is no worry about filling the tire with air because it truly will not become flat.

Product Details:

  • 6 cu. ft hauling capacity
  • Dimensions: 25.50 width x 58.75 depth x 27 height (in inches)
  • 46 pounds
  • 15.5 inch flat-free tire
  • Steel handles with grips
  • Steel bin/tray
  • Assembly required


2. Jackson 6 Cu. Ft. Steel Wheelbarrow

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The heavy-duty Jackson wheelbarrow will have no problem standing up to most yard care tasks you put in front of it. It has a large 6 cubic feet of hauling capacity that is difficult to find in this price range. 

One feature that is worth highlighting is its leg stability. Many wheelbarrows are extremely easy to tip when setting them down. This particularly true when they are full of heavy material.

You can likely tell from the above photo that Jackson places a lot emphasis on getting the stability right on this wheelbarrow. They claim that the leg stabilizers enable the wheelbarrow to be 40 percent more tip-resistant.  Anyone who has ever tipped a wheelbarrow and had to deal with the cleanup  will likely appreciate this feature. 

The steel barrow and durable hardwood handles are built to last. The superior construction of this wheelbarrow makes it suitable for even commercial work.  

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 62 depth x 26 width x 27 height (in inches)
  • Wheel: 16 inches
  • Capacity: 6 cubic feet
  • 55.2 pounds
  • Wood handle
  • Steel tray
  • Assembly (required when delivered) 

3. Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow


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The Best Choice Products wheelbarrow is one of the best wheelbarrows under $100 for stability because of its dual wheels.

The dual wheels are particularly helpful when hauling heavy loads. You don’t have to worry about completing a balance act, which often happens when moving heavy material with a single wheel wheelbarrow. 

This wheelbarrow is constructed out of steel, polyurethane and rubber. The frame is coated steel, the tray is poly, and the 13-inch pneumatic wheels are rubber.

We would like if this wheelbarrow had a steel tray that was rust-resistant to add to its durability. However, for well under $100, the poly tray will suffice for most general uses in the yard. 

This is especially true given its  ability to hold up 330 pounds and its hauling capacity of 5 cubic feet. 

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 25 width x 36 length x 20 height (in inches)
  • 26 pounds
  • Steel frame
  • Polyurethane tray
  • 13 inch rubber pneumatic wheels
  • Padded loop handle
  • 5 cubic feet barrow
  • 330 weight capacity
  • Assembly required


4. Garden Star 70019 Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

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The Garden Star wheelbarrow can haul a load up to approximately 4 cubic feet and can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. 

To provide an idea of how much the barrow can hold, a typical bag of mulch is 2 cubic feet. Since this wheelbarrow can hold about 4 cubic feet, it will be able to fit about two bags of mulch. 

This wheelbarrow is ideal for small yards or for someone who does not wish to move a significant amount of material all at once. In other words, most people will not be burdened by its bulk, which can be the case with many larger wheelbarrows. 

Be aware that the price of this wheelbarrow (see current price) is extremely reasonable. It is not unreasonable for someone to buy this as a secondary wheelbarrow for light-duty jobs and have a larger wheelbarrow for more labor intensive tasks. 

 Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 27 height (ground to handle) x 25.5 width x 26.75 length (in inches)
  • 4 cubic feet capacity (approximate)
  • Weight: 20.1 pounds
  • Tray depth: 8 inches
  • Poly tray
  • Dual-tires, rubber air-filled
  • Simple assembly (6 bolts)

5. Simplay3 Easy Haul Wheelbarrow

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The Simplay3 is an excellent option for someone looking to avoid the cumbersome aspects of a more traditional wheelbarrow. However, don’t let this wheelbarrow deceive you. It can haul up to 4 cubic feet per load and can hold up to 250 pounds. 

This easy haul wheelbarrow is made out of durable plastic that is simple to maintain and of course will not rust.

It weighs only 23.9 pounds making it less of a laborious task to move around the yard compared to many other wheelbarrows.  

One feature that sells this wheelbarrow is the storage tray located next to the handle. This can be used for things such as hand shovels, shears, beverages, mobile phones, or numerous other items. 

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 46.25 depth x 31.25 width x 23 height (in inches)
  • Weight: 23.9 pounds
  • Material: plastic
  • Wheels: 13.5 inches (plastic)
  • 4 cubic feet capacity
  • Tray for storage

6. True Temper EZ Pour Poly Wheelbarrow

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 Traditional wheelbarrows can be messy since they lack a channel for items to transfer out of the tray. This True Temper has a poly pour spot that is molded into the tray. This makes it ideal for someone who does a lot of pouring of material (for example,  several yards of mulch each spring).

It has a capacity of 6 cubic feet, which offers ample room for most home chores. Many users have claimed that the assembly process is simple, so purchasers will be up and running quickly after delivery. 

Keep in mind that owners of this product have indicated that the tray has cracked after using it for concrete pouring jobs. While the pour spout may seem ideal for this purpose, you might not achieve extended use out of this wheelbarrow if you use it for this purpose.