How Much Does a Snow Blower Weigh?

snowblower weight

snowblower weight

Many people wonder how much does a snow blower weigh. This is especially true when they are searching for a new snow blower and want to consider weight as a factor in their purchase decision.

As you might have expected, it is difficult to provide one decisive answer. There is not a universal one weight for all snow blowers. A snow blower’s weight depends on the type, model, make, brand, etc.

The below table provides a sampling of the weight of snow blowers. Based on our sample, the 20″ to 21″ snow blowers weigh about 80 to 100 pounds. Snow blowers with a clearing width of 24″ or above are about 200 pounds or over with exception of the 26″ Toro, which weighs a bit less at 175 pounds.

Snow Blower Weights

SnowblowerClearing WidthWeightEngineLink to Product
Toro Power Clear 721 R (38741)21"82 lbsToro Premium 212 cc 4-cycle OHVClick Here
Toro Power Max 826 OE (37780)26"175 lbsToro Premium 252cc OHV 4-cycle engineClick Here
Craftsman 8878021"98 lbs179cc single-stageClick Here
Craftsman 8887428"283 lbs357 cc 3-stageClick Here
Cub Cadet 1X 21 LHP21"99 lbs208cc OHV 4-cycleClick Here
Cub Cadet 2X24"215 lbs208 cc OHV 4-cycleClick Here
Honda HS720AM20"82 lbs190cc 4-cycle OHC engineClick Here
Honda HSS928AT28"265 lbs270cc Honda GX OHV engineClick Here
Husqvarna ST15121"97.6 lbs5.4 hpClick Here
Husqvarna ST22424"198.6 lbs6.3 hpClick Here
Snow Joe SJ618E18"25.9 lbsElectricClick Here

We suggest visiting the manufacturers website for specific snow blower weights, which do not appear in the above table.  

Keep in mind that a lightweight snow blower is not always ideal. These type of snow blowers tend to tip up in thick snow causing extra work for the user. A heavier snow blower will keep to the ground and work to cut through the snow at the bottom of the pile.  

On a personal note, I currently have a 24″ snow blower that weighs over 200 pounds. While this is nice for significant snowfalls because it rapidly clears snow of my driveway, it is not ideal to lug out for only get a couple of inches.  I wish I also had a smaller snow blower for dealing with light snow cleanups.  

If you plan on buying a snow blower, you should consider how much snow fall you typically get in your area. There is typically no need to get a snow blower, such as a 28 inch machine with massive power that weighs well over 200 pounds, if you only get a few light snow falls per year.

On the hand, if you live in a place such as Minnesota or Northern Michigan, you may want to consider a snow blower with some power and weight because of the heavy snow winter often brings there.