The Best Time to Buy a Snow Blower

Snow Blower Deals

Most snow blowers are pricey, but they are a nice luxury to have on hand when winter starts unleashing the snow. A snow blower can reduce snow clean up times by at least half compared to traditional snow shoveling. A typical residential driveway only takes a few passes with the snow blower before the area is cleared.

If you are looking to purchase a snow blower, there are better times than others to make a purchase where you will typically not pay top dollar. Let’s take a look at when is the best time to buy a snow blower.

The Best Time to Buy a Snow Blower

As might be expected, a good time to buy a snow blower is after the snow season ends. In the United States, this typically means starting in around April and into the summer as the chances of snow become highly unlikely or simply unrealistic. Stores realize that snow blowers are no longer in demand and they  look to shed existing inventory to make room for more seasonably appropriate items for shoppers.

Unfortunately, stores, especially the well-known national retailers, have continued to improve on getting their seasonal inventory just right to where the after season deals may be very limited or nonexistent in some cases. You are likely not going to walk into a big box hardware store and find a huge selection of blowers in mid-July. It is best to look for discounted snow blowers just after the snowy season ends. The inventory may be thin but you can land a nice deal if you can find what you are looking for in a snow blower.

Pre-season is also one of the best times to buy. During the late summer and fall, the new inventory is rolling out into stores, but snow hasn’t even crossed the minds of most shoppers. Retailers want you to buy early, well before the first snowfall, to help diminish the inventory. To entice customers to buy, discounts can often be found during this time.

When Not to Buy

It is typically a bad idea to wait for the first snow fall of the year to buy a snow blower. Demand for snow blowers is super high during this time. The ability to keep snow blowers in stock can be a challenge for some retailers. At this time, there is rarely a need to offer discounts to customers with demand soaring. If a snow blower is not a priority for you during this time, just wait it out for a better time of year to buy.

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Buying Used

You can often find a good deal if you shop for a used snow blower. A smart seller will wait until shortly before the first snow storm of the year to list their snow blower for sale. Demand will be high and they will likely be able to secure a higher sales price. If you are a buyer, this is a bad time to buy. Wait for the spring or summer to buy a used snow blower. It may be difficult to find one for sale during this time, but if do, you will have more room to negotiate or you will be able to find a better deal.

If you are thinking about buying a used snow blower, we suggest checking out the below video. It provides some excellent tips on what to look for when buying a used snow blower.

Where to Buy a Snow Blower

Below are a few stores where you may consider buying a snow blower; hopefully at a huge discount. We suggest narrowing your search down to two or three snow blowers and then doing a comparison of prices among various retailers. It is often a bad idea to shop at one store only and assume you are receiving the best deal. Also, it is a good idea to comparison shop online and locally. It is best not to assume that either will have the best deal. Essentially, if you are looking for a discount on a snow blower, be prepared to do your research.

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