Find tips on establishing or maintaining a lush green lawn.

How to Grow Grass Fast

How to grow grass fast

Ideally, every grass seed would create a nice thick lawn in a matter of days. Unfortunately, grass grows slower than most of us would like. In some cases, it may take 30 days or more to just begin to germinate. The good news is that you can take steps to help promote a fast growing …

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Fertilizer to use on New Grass Seed

One of the keys to establishing a lush new lawn from grass seed is to use an appropriate fertilizer. You should avoid applying the majority of fertilizers found at your local hardware store. Many of these fertilizers will kill or harm your new lawn. You should especially not purchase “weed and feed” or “crabgrass preventers” …

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Can You Mow Wet Grass?

can you mow wet grass

For most people, there are usually at least a couple of weeks during the lawn cutting season when it seems to rain and rain. Of course, the rain produces grass growth and the lawn begins to become too long for comfort. This leads many people to internal debate on whether to mow the wet grass …

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Does Grass Seed Expire?

does grass seed expire

You may have considered storing grass over the winter or for an extended period of time. However, keep in mind that grass seed does expire. The bags that hold the grass seed commonly feature a stamped expiration date that you should reference when you initial buy your grass seed. Of course, avoid buying expired seed. …

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