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Will Pool Water Kill Grass?

Does pool water kill grass

If your pool is located anywhere near your grass, you are bound to get at least some pool water on your lawn. We all know that water is what makes your lawn healthy and green, but what about chemically treated pool water? Will pool water kill your grass? The main chemical in pool water is …

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Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower

best time to buy a lawn mower

If your lawn mower unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of the summer, you probably aren’t going to worry too much about when is the best time to buy a lawn mower. You will need to find a new lawn mower quickly so that your grass does not become unruly in the coming weeks. However, …

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How Much Does a Push Mower Weigh?

Weight of a Push Mower

Push lawn mowers are typically designed with their weight in mind. The manufacturers realize that the users must exert some effort to push the mower through their yard; therefore, they typically do not make them overwhelming heavy. Push mowers are ideal for a small yard where the operator will not be exhausted from the excessive …

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Kentucky Bluegrass Mowing Height

KBG Mowing Height

Kentucky bluegrass is a favorite for many northern United States lawns. It able to survive this region’s harsh winters while also having the ability to thrive in the full summer sun when appropriately maintained. One of the keys to keeping Kentucky bluegrass at its often dark green color is to mow it at the right …

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