Does Irish Spring Soap Expire?

Irish Spring Expiration Date

Irish Spring is the third most popular bar soap in the United States according to 2018 data by Statista. Dove and Dial take the first and second place spots, respectively.

Given the popularity of Irish Spring soap and our own curiosity, we decided to research the question “Does Irish Spring soap expire?”. We think it’s a good question given that many people likely believe bar soap last forever or at least many years into the future.

We contacted Colgate-Palmolive, the manufacturers of Irish Spring, to obtain some clarity on if or when Irish Spring soap expires. The company indicated the following regarding the expiration:

Our Irish Spring Bar Soaps expire two years after the day they are manufactured. To check the manufacture date, there is a LOT Code on the overwrap and the box. If the product is beyond its shelf life, the efficacy and aesthetic aspects, such as color, fragrance, flavor and consistency, may change, but the product does not become harmful or unsafe to use.

The LOT code is read by using the first number to determine the year, and the next three numbers to determine the day of manufacture. For example, 8102 would indicate the product was manufactured in 2018 on the 102nd day of the year, or April 12th. Any letters or numbers indicated after the first four are a location and time designation and do not relate to when the product was manufactured or when it expires.

So, if you keep your Irish Spring bar soap stored away for a while, you may want make note of the manufacturing date. Use the soap within two years of this date to be sure it gets your body clean as intended.

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