11 Best Pruning Shears for 2020

Pruning shears are one of the essential garden tools for most yards. They are a very strong scissors that are commonly used to prune shrubs and small branches. Their small size allows access to small areas that larger sized shears like loppers cannot reach. Despite being a hand tool, the best pruning shears can cut …

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Kentucky Bluegrass Mowing Height

KBG Mowing Height

Kentucky bluegrass is a favorite for many northern United States lawns. It able to survive this region’s harsh winters while also having the ability to thrive in the full summer sun when appropriately maintained. One of the keys to keeping Kentucky bluegrass at its often dark green color is to mow it at the right …

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How to Grow Grass Fast

How to grow grass fast

Ideally, every grass seed would create a nice thick lawn in a matter of days. Unfortunately, grass grows slower than most of us would like. In some cases, it may take 30 days or more to just begin to germinate. The good news is that you can take steps to help promote a fast growing …

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