How Much Grass Seed Do I Need?

How Much Grass Seed Do You Need

Generally, grass seed is expensive. Getting the quantity right is essential if you are not interested in wasting money on excess seed. Additionally, it is important not to lay down too much or too little seed to avoid undesirable results. While figuring out how much grass seed you need might seem complicated, it is really …

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Best Patio Weed Killers

Patio weeds are often an unsightly mess for many homeowners. The good news is that you do not have to waste your free time manually pulling these weeds. Selecting one of the best patio weed killers from our picks below will allow you to simply spray the weeds to eliminate them. Many of these products …

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Can a Grill Be Used Indoors?

Can you grill inside

Let’s assume you are having a BBQ party for numerous guest. You wake up the day of the party and you are greeted with nasty weather which includes heavy rain and lightening. You realize that attempting to grill outside is not a viable option. Many people presented with the scenario above or something similar have …

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Best Small Gas Grills

Best small grills

Whether you commonly grill for a small group or don’t have the space for a large grill, it is still important find a quality grill that will last. We have researched and compiled the below list of our picks for the best small gas grills. Since everyone’s definition of small is a bit different, our …

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Can I Hose Off My Lawn Mower?

Hose off lawn mower

There is no doubt that a lawn mower can quickly get dirty. This is especially true when mowing wet grass. Maintaining a clean mower is essential to keeping it running efficiently for many years ahead. However, a proper mower cleaning requires the right tools for the job. A hose is commonly used to clean various …

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Do Deer Eat Roses?

will Deer eat Roses

If you have roses in your yard, you likely appreciate their beauty and potentially their fragrance as well, if you have a variety that produces that distinctive rose scent. Additionally, you probably realize the hard work that goes into caring for these flowers. Given the above, it is safe to assume that most people would …

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Does Bleach Kill Roaches?

bleach kills roach

The numerous ways to use bleach seem endless. It is commonly used around households as a cleaner, but a quick internet search will reveal many uses beyond killing germs. A common question we hear about bleach is how effective it is at killing or keeping away pests. Today we are going to explorer specifically “does …

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