Best Mailbox Alert System

A mailbox alert system is a perfect solution for people who rather not walk out to the mailbox multiple times a day to see if their mail arrived. It is also great for elderly people and others who might have mobility problems to where several trips to the mailbox is not ideal or possible. 

A mailbox alert system notifies the resident when the mail arrives. The notification most commonly is sent through a text message, email, app, or a receiver device that sits in the home. The more simplistic mailbox alerts are flags mounted to the mailbox that raise up when the mailbox door is opened. 

Here are five of the best mailbox alert systems for you to consider for your home mailbox. Most of these devices are reasonably priced and will likely last for many years to come. They are worth considering to eliminate the hassle and time wasted from routinely going to the mailbox only to find it empty. 

1. Hanna Products Mail Chime MAIL-1200

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This Hanna Products Mail Chime is one of the most popular and favorably reviewed mail alert systems out there. 

This mailbox alert is extremely easy to set up. You insert a 12-volt battery into the transmitter, which is the black rectangular device pictured above. The transmitter is then mounted inside the mailbox with double faced tape. You then plug in the receiver inside the home, raise the antenna, and adjust the volume. Click here to see the full installation instructions in the user’s manual. 

Any time the mailbox door is opened by anyone, the transmitter signals to the receiver to issue the alert. Four buzzes will sound and a red light will light up on the receiver. Once the homeowner realize the mail alert has been triggered, a reset button can be pressed to prepare the receiver for the next time the mailbox is opened. 

The mailbox alert system works up to 300 feet away or the length of a football field minus both end zones. The system is wireless so there is no need to run a wire from the mailbox transmitter to the home. It works on multiple types of mailboxes including wall mounted, curbside, and slot. 

2. MySpool Mailbox Alert – Text & Email Notifications

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The MySpool Mailbox Alert is installed inside the mailbox and externally on the post. When the mailbox is opened, an alert is sent through email and text message (if desired) to inform the resident that the mail has arrived.

This is a smart device that uses wifi which needs to be set up through a computer or smartphone before initial use. The users email address and phone number is provided on for proper configuration. 

To install this device, the door sensor and magnet are mounted on the inside of the mailbox and a mailbox alert weatherproof box is installed on the mailbox post or similar exterior location. The below visual shows how the device is installed on a typical mailbox.

Note that the interior sensor requires alignment.  We recommend watching this video by the manufacturer for guidance on proper installation. 

3. mailFi – Mailbox Mail Sensor

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The mailFi works using the home 2.4 Ghz wifi and an app called Smart Life that is downloaded onto a mobile device that operates using iOS or Android.  The mail sensor can also be connected to Alexa. 

The white devices pictured above are mounted inside the mailbox. The larger device with the picture of the bird and mailbox on it is mounted inside. The smaller water resistant device is mounted on the door so that it aligns with the interior mounted device. See the picture below for an example of how the devices are installed. 

When the two mounted pieces are separated from the door being opened, an alert is sent to the mobile device to notify the owner. Of course, this typically means that the mail has been delivered, but it could also be a false alert if someone other than the mailman opens the door. Multiple mobile devices can receive the notification if the devices are set up using the app. 

You will need to purchase two AAA alkaline batteries to install in the device that is mounted inside the mailbox. The good news is that there is not a charge to use this mailbox sensor (i.e. no monthly fee/charge). As long as you have an existing  wiFi and a compatible mobile device, you are good to go. 

Please review the instruction page on the manufacturer’s website before you purchase this device to be sure you are comfortable installing the mail sensor and have the right technology to operate the device. 

4. Mail Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag

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Sometimes the simplest methods work the best. This Mail Tattle-Tale is a low tech device but there is not question that it does what it is supposed to do.  

This product is a yellow aluminum flag that is mounted opposite of the often red colored flag that comes standard on most mailboxes.

When the mailbox door is opened, the 16-inch Mail Tattle-Tail yellow flag raises as an alert that the mail has been delivered. The person inside patiently waiting for the mail to arrive simply has to look out the window to verify if the mail has come. Of course, the yellow flag will need to be visible from in the home in order for this to be an effective alert system. 

The manufacturer states the the aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware will not rust. You can expect this flag to last for years, even through the typical harsh weather. 

5. Miles Kimball Visual Mail Signal

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Here is another basic device for the mailbox similar to the Mail Tattle-Tail above. It is essentially a bright yellow ball that is mounted on a spring rod. The rod bends down and rests in a slot in its loaded position. When the mailbox opens, the rod releases from the slot and raises up to alert the resident the mail has been delivered.  The durable plastic ball is 1.5 inches in diameter and the rod with the ball stands 6.5 inches when vertical.

The image below provides an idea of how the device works when the mailbox is closed (lower image) and opened (upper image). It is easy to assembly on most mailboxes by using the included hardware. 


Purchasing one of the top mailbox alert systems is a great way to bring some efficiency into your life. There is no need to play the guessing game of when the mail has been delivered each day. Simply make one trip to the mailbox and be done with no additional hassle.