11 Best Tree Swings for your Backyard

A new tree swing was one of the best additions to our yard that we made a couple of years ago. Our daughter had grown out of her toddler swing so we decided to upgrade to something a bit “less babyish” as she would say. We found the best tree swing for our yard (similar to the Royal Oak below) and have gotten many hours of use out of it since.

Tree swings are no longer just a standard single-seat made of wood or plastic that is hooked to a tree by a rope. Many are now built to hold a few hundred pounds, can fit multiple people, and use strong straps to hold the weight.

Before we get to the best tree swings for 2021, we have outlined a few things you should consider before buying a tree swing.

Tree Swing Considerations

  • Weight Capacity- If you plan on having a lot of people use the swing at once, you should consider the weight capacity of the swing.  You want to be sure the swing will hold a few kids or possibly a parent. Think worst-case scenario when determining the weight capacity you want your swing to handle.
  • Location: You should have a plan on where specifically the swing will be located. For safety reasons, you must ensure that the tree branch is able to hold the people swinging. While the swing may be able to hold a specific weight capacity, the tree branch where the swing hangs may not. Think safety first before buying.
  • Type of Swing: Do you want a single seat swing, one that holds multiple people, one that allows you to stand, etc.?
  • Straps: You may need straps that are sold separately for certain swings. These straps connect the swing to the tree branch. Scroll to the end of this article for more information on the tree swing straps.
  • Material: The material or construction of the swing should be able to withstand the elements and general wear & tear from use. There is nothing more annoying than using a swing for only one season and then having to throw it away because of the lack of quality. See what reviewers have to say about the material quality.
  • Safety: Most people looking to buy a swing have safety in mind. Look to see if the swing has sufficient padding and minimally exposed metal.

The Best Tree Swings for 2021

Royal Oak Giant 40 Inch Saucer

Royal Oak Saucer Tree Swing ,Giant 40 Inches with Carabiners and Flags, 700 lb Weight Capacity, Steel Frame, Waterproof, Easy to Install with Step by Step Instructions, Non-Stop Fun! (Rainbow)    

At a 40″ diameter and a load rating of 700 pounds, this swing will safely hold multiple kids from the neighborhood or even parents in many cases.

The saucer design allows for great interactions as the swing soars under the tree. When not operating as a swing, it can be used to relax since the seating area is large enough for at least a couple of kids to lie down.

In my household, this type of swing has been used for summer naps and for a place to chat with friends when not being used for swinging.

Despite its size, the swing can get up to speed fast and can get comfortably high if allowed. You will, of course, need to watch over small children using the swing. 

It is made with a high-quality weather resistant 900D Oxford fabric. There is no need to worry about damage from the elements such as the rain or snow. It comes with a cover to protect and preserve the saucer when not in use. 

The swing also comes with the ropes needed to hang it. The ropes are adjustable at a two feet range. This makes it easy to find the right length for your children and it allows the swing to be raised up as they grow. 

Swurfer the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing

Swurfer - the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing - Curved Maple Wood Board To Easily Surf The Air    

Who says you have to sit down to swing? The Swurfer was designed with surfing in mind. It allows the user to stand while they hold on to adjustable handles.

The Swurfer can swing in a wide range of motion beyond just the typical back and forth of a traditional swing. If you do not wish to stand, it will operate like a normal swing from the seated position.

The maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds. The board measures 33 x 10 inches. The swing comes with two 30-foot ropes that are double braided and UV resistant. This should allow plenty of room to hang the swing from most residential trees. You also receive the handles in addition to the board with a purchase. 

Check out the below video for a quick demonstration on how this amazing swing works. Without a doubt, this is a swing I wished I would have had as a kid.

Play Platoon Spider Web 40 Inch

Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing - Fully Assembled, Easy to Install, 40 Inch Diameter    

The good thing about the spider web design of this swing is that leaves and other debris can fall through the gaps. If you buy a saucer swing without the gaps, you will likely have to routinely clean the seating area from the debris that accumulates, particularly in the fall in many areas. That is no fun, especially if the kids have to deal with the mess. 

It comes fully assembled, which is great because your kids will likely be super excited to use it. You simply hang the swing from a tree or other suitable spot that will support the weight.

The swing holds up to 600 pounds and will comfortably seat at least three children. The soft outer material provides excellent comfort for endless hours of swinging.

The maximum rope length is 68 inches. The rope is adjustable so you can customize the rope length to fit your tree.

Trekassy 700lb Giant 60″ Platform Tree Swing 

Trekassy 700lb Giant 60' Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults Waterproof with Durable Steel Frame and 2 Hanging Straps    

Most children likely couldn’t even image a swing this huge. This massive platform swing holds up to 700 pounds with the steel frame base measuring 60 x 32 inches.

Up to five kids or two adults can enjoy the ride as the swing speeds through the air. We would suspect that most households will also use it for a bit of rest and relax as well. 

The material is a durable 900D fabric that will do an excellent job withstanding the harsh weather. The steel frame is also weather-resistant and is designed to deter rust.  

The swing comes with two straps at 5 feet and two stainless steel carabiners for hanging the swing. Ropes are also included that are adjustable from 47 to 71 inches. 

PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat,

PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat, Indoor Outdoor Rope Wooden Swing Set for Children Adult Kids 17.7x7.9x0.6 inch    

The best tree swing does not have to be complex for many people. Sometimes a classic wooden swing is all that is needed for the most enjoyment.

This Pellor tree swing is made from beech that not looks good but is also extremely durable. The maximum weight capacity is approximately 220 pounds so even many adults can have little fun on this swing. 

We appreciate how the swing has gaps between the seat wood. This allows water to better trickle off instead of pooling to only later create a few wet bottoms. 

You will receive everything you need to hang this swing with a purchase. This includes the seat, rope, connecting straps, and buckles. Most people will have this swing quickly up in the tree and ready to go for hours of swinging fun.

Swinging Monkey Web Chair

Swinging Monkey Products Web Chair Swing, Black/Red - Tree Swing, Outdoor Play Equipment, Quick and Easy Assembly and Installation    

This unique web chair design provides a comfortable riding experience as you glide through the air. It holds up to 400 pounds so most adults can feel at easy using the swing.

The 35″ diameter is large enough to hold an adult and one or possibly two very young children. This is great for a parent and a child to enjoy together.

It comes with the necessary hardware to hang the swing where you desire. The length is able to be adjusted to your ideal height under the tree with minimal hassle. 

JKsmart Swing Seat for Kids

JKsmart Swing Seat for Kids Heavy Duty Rope Play Secure Children Swing Set,Perfect for Indoor,Outdoor,Playground,Home,Tree,with Snap Hooks and Swing Straps,440 lbs Capacity,Green    

This is an excellent option as a single person swing. It features a strong weave pattern on the seat with a rubber back hoop to prevent injury. It is constructed out of polyester climbing rope that can hold up to an amazing 440 pounds. 

With a purchase you will receive the seat, snap hooks, and a hanging strap kit. The rope is adjustable in length from 41.73 inches to 70.86 inches. It not only comes in green but also blue, orange, pink, and red to match your kid’s taste in color. 

This is a solid choice for an indoor swing since it is not extremely bulky and is made of softer material. 

Summersdream Disk Seat Swing

SUMMERSDREAM Disk Seat Swing Daisy Disc Monkey Swing Rope Tree Swing (Blue)    

This highly rated and inexpensive swing comes in yellow, orange, lime green, pink, red, and blue. We love all the color options!

The disk seat is plastic and is made in the shape of a daisy. It comes with a long nylon rope and can hold up to 200 pounds.  This swing isn’t as flashy as some of the other swings here, but it will likely produce a similar level of fun.

Super Spinner Swing-Fun

Super Spinner Swing--Fun, Easy to Install on Swing Set or Tree!    

While this is called a spinner, it can also swing back and forth like a traditional swing. It has a sturdy seating area that provides more stability than most other disk swings out there.

The seat angles down to the center of the disk where there is a hole that drains any potential water. This eliminates water pooling which undoubtedly can be a huge annoyance. 

It holds up to 200 pounds and can comfortably accommodate two children. If you are looking for more room, a 40 inch Super Duper Spinner is also available.

Flying Squirrel 40 Inch Saucer

Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing - 40' Saucer Tree Swing- Additions & Replacements for Active Outdoor Play Equipment - Green    

Here is another popular 40-inch saucer swing that will support up to 200 pounds. This would be a great upgrade from a tire swing, an old traditional swing, or a baby swing.

It is equipped with a quality steel frame with foam padding to help minimize the chance of injury. The ropes are adjustable from 84″-48″ long.

Most people find it easy to put together and hang from a tree. The manufacturer recommends storing the swing out of the sun when not in use to increase its life. The seat will likely collect some water or yard debris if it is left out in the rain.

Squirrel Tree Swing Disc

Squirrel Products Heavy Duty Plastic Tree Swing - Disc Rope Swing with Leg Protectors - Additions & Replacements - Outdoor Play Equipment - Blue    

Here is another popular swing disc designed for one person to use. It can handle up to 120 pounds. The plastic seat is made from polyethylene and is 12 inches in diameter. The nylon rope that is included is 112 inches long, which should provide plenty of room for adventurous swinging. This is a quality product that won’t drain your bank account, but will provide hours of fun.

Tree Swing Straps

You may need to buy tree swing straps with your swing purchase. These straps provide a place to hang your swing in the tree as shown in the picture below. Don’t forget to buy these straps, if not included, so that you will have a place to hang your swing when it arrives. The straps are available in various lengths. Please review the swing product information to ensure that you will need the straps for the particular swing you intend to purchase.


Good luck in finding the best tree swing for your yard!