How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Spinning?

There is no doubt that a spinning patio umbrella is a nuisance. Not only is it a distraction while you try to relax, but also a sign that the umbrella is potentially not secure.

We have compiled some common methods to prevent a patio umbrella from spinning. Hopefully one of these methods will help you get back to fully enjoying your patio even on those windy days.

Tighten Up

The most obvious solution is to tighten the knob bolt on the umbrella stand that secures the pole. This bolt can come loose during the year, especially if the umbrella is routinely jostled around in the wind.

Additionally, some people do not tighten the bolt enough when setting up the umbrella.  This allows it to freely spin. A simple tightening of the bolt will often help secure the pole so that it does not move. 

If you have verified the knob bolt is tight to the pole and the umbrella is still spinning, some of the below methods have been used with success to eliminate the problem. 

Umbrella Cone

We suggest trying this Patio Umbrella Cone found on Amazon. The cone is inserted on to the pole. The tapered cone then fits snuggly into most center table holes.

It fits umbrella poles up to 1.5 inches in diameter and table openings up to 2.5 inches diameter. The below image shows how the Umbrella Cone fits on the pole and patio table. 

The cone is a great way to stabilize and center an umbrella.Most importantly it has worked for many to stop patio umbrellas from spinning

Umbrella Ring

A cheaper option than the above umbrella cone is the  umbrella hole ring. This ring is simply inserted into the table hole. It reduces the diameter of the hole, which helps stabilize the pole.

If you decide to buy a ring, be sure to measure the diameter of your table hole and pole to be sure the hole ring will work for your patio set.

There are a few unhappy customers with this type of product because they failed to measure correctly or were confused by the manufacturers measurements. 

Note that the umbrella hole ring shown below comes with a cap. The cap is used to plug the table hole when the umbrella is not inserted through the table.  It helps eliminate objects from falling through the hole and arguably improves the tables appearance. 

Secure the Pole

If you have a free-standing umbrella such as a Cantilever, you do not have the table to use for extra pole support. However, you can use the deck or a similar bulky object nearby to  bracket down the pole.

Check out the piping section at Home Depot or Lowe’s for ideas on how to secure your pole. Some things you might consider are tube straps or pipe hangers. 

Bungee Cords

Take a small bungee cord and wrap it around the pole. Then connect a long bungee cord to the small cord. Stretch the long cord up to the canopy center. Connect it to the frame that supports the canopy.

While the bungee cords may not be visually appealing, they can be a good option to use for those extremely windy days.

View this picture for an example of how to set up the bungee cords on an umbrella.  Do not use this method if you have concerns about the bungees potential damaging the umbrella from the tension. 


Popsicle Stick Method

The below video demonstrates and super cheap but effective way to stop an umbrella from spinning using a popsicle stick. You first loosen the knob on the stand. Then you  hammer down a popsicle stick between the stand and the pole to create friction between the two objects. When the stand knob is tightened, it should help secure the pole so that it will not move in windy conditions.