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11 Best Backyard Water Slides

If you are in your 30s, 40s, or older, things likely have change since you were a kid. Yes, the basic Slip ‘N Slide that you may have enjoyed for many summer days is still cool in our book. However, the options for a backyard water slides have greatly increased over the recent years. What once was only typically available for rental from your local party supply company, can now be purchased for a reasonable price.

Below we have created a list of some of the best backyard water slides for you and your family to consider for those hot days we all cherish. We hope you are able to find a one that your family will enjoy for the many days, weeks, or years to come.

Best Backyard Water Slides

Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

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This is a fun little slide for young ones features a challenging wall climb that leads up to a rewarding slide down to a pool of water. The wall mimics a rock climb where children have to establish their footing and grip to successfully make it to the top. You can see in the photo that there is a basketball hoop in the pool level corner which is a cool extra feature for those kids that enjoy sports.

The manufacturer indicates that the design of this slide was created so parents could keep an eye on their children. You will notice by referencing the picture that there is very little room for parents to lose sight of the children playing on this slide.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: L 85 inches x W 71 inches x H 46 inches
  • Manufactured with puncture-resistant material
  • A 120V blower (included) keeps the water slide inflated
  • A garden hose attaches to the slide to create the water portion of the slide
  • The complete unit holds about 25 gallons of water
  • Maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds
  • 2 kids on the inflatable at a time

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle

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Normally when we think about crocodiles and water, fun is not the first thing that comes to mind. That is not the case when it comes to this very cleverly designed crocodile isle inflatable water park. Kids can have hours of fun sliding down the body of a crocodile who actually appears to be rather friendly.

This water park comes with dual slides that are accessed by an inflatable climbing wall. Water shoots down overhead at the beginning of each slide to keep the slides wet. We especially like the large, but shallow splash area (it is not technically a pool) at the bottom of the slides for the added level of enjoyment. Overall, it is pretty clear why this dual slide water park makes the list for the best backyard water slides.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: L 20 feet x W 12 feet x H 8 feet (approximate)
  • Product comes with a blower to inflate the water park
  • Approximate 2 minute inflate time
  • 5 person maximum can use the inflatable water park at a time
  • Maximum 100 pounds per person
  • Manual & Instructional DVD included
  • Product is 95 pounds

Blast Zone Pirate Bay

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Here is another home water park by Blast Zone that will likely have all the neighbor kids in your backyard when ready for use. This pirate themed inflatable features a sizeable bouncer with safety netting for protection. Users can uniquely access the bouncer through a crawl tunnel located under the slide. The slide is approximately 7.5 feet in length and is lubricated by water that sprays from the top of the slide. The slide is reached via a challenging but kid friendly climbing wall located behind the slide. We especially like the dual cannons that can be maneuvered to splash other kids when they are in the splash area (pool).

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: L 20 feet x W 12 feet x H 8 feet
  • Includes a blower
  • Approximate 2 minute inflate time
  • 5 person maximum can use the inflatable water park at a time
  • 100 pounds maximum/per person
  • Manual & Instructional DVD included
  • Product is 85 pounds

Intex Dinoland Play Center

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This is a great option if you are looking for a smaller water play center for your little ones. The arched dinosaur back is the highlight of the design, which helps set this play center apart from many equivalent products.  The arch sprays water onto the slide, as pictured above, to help keep the slide slippery. This feature can be turned off if desired. While the slide is likely the main attraction for many kids, there are a few attached fun side games with balls and rings (included with your purchase).

This product does not come with a way to inflate the play center,  but this is to be expected given its very low price in comparison to other higher-end water slides. You should consider buying an electric air pump to make inflating easier.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: L 131 inches x W 90 inches x H 44 inches
  • Approximate 75 gallons pool

WoW Watersports Mega Slide

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While this slide isn’t as fancy as some other choice on our list, sometimes simpler is better. This 25 foot backyard water slide is great for areas where you have a nicely sloped hill to allow for extra speed. The 8 inch side walls are a nice height to ensure that users stay on the slide along with the water. The slide hooks to a hose and sprays water across the slide through a built in sprinkler system.

If you purchase this slide, it comes with two “Mega Sleds” like the ones pictured above. The sleds help make for a faster sliding experience. If you feel adventurous, you can buy an additional slide (or more) and attach it to your existing slide to create a gigantic slide. This slide is a huge step up from those old school lawn slides many of us had as a kid.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: 25 feet x 6 feet
  • 2 Mega Sleds included
  • Pump to inflate slide (included)
  • Slide made from PVC to provide a super slippery ride

Blast Zone Shark Park

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It’s tough to imagine a kid not wanting to slide through a shark’s mouth and into a refreshing splash pool. The Shark Park is very similar to the Pirate Bay shown above with a crawl tunnel under the slide, a bouncer (“shark cage”) to the right of the slide, and a rear climbable wall that leads to the slide. There are three sprayers adjacent to the splash pool and one above the slide to keep it wet. Blast Zone does an amazing job at getting the details of their inflatables right, and the Shark Park is no exception.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: 132 x 228 x 99 inches
  • 86 pounds approximate product weight
  • Blower included to inflate the product
  • Weight Capacity: 100 pounds per person or 500 pounds total

***Blast Zone also makes a Great White water slide if you are just look for a giant shark slide. See it here.

Wahii 75 foot Water Slide

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The manufacturer states that this is the world’s biggest backyard lawn water slide! As you can see from the above picture, the slide is an enormous 75 feet long. If you have a large grassy slope or hill that you can put this on, this slide may be ideal for you. You secure the slide to a slope with stakes, turn on your sprinkler to keep the slide wet, and start sliding. The plastic can take a beating so most adults or rough children can safely use the slide without a worry. As you probably realized, the steeper the slope, the faster you are going to slide. This may be the best water slide in terms of its fun factor if you have a proper hill to use it on.

Blast Zone Tropical Splash

The Tropical Splash is a solid choice if you are just looking for a slide without the other bells and whistles that many of the above choices offer. This is a simple but fun inflatable that features a slide that is reached by climbing a wall behind the slide. The slide stays wet from an overhead sprinkler at the top of the slide. There is pool at the bottom of the slide to provide young ones with an area to splash around or relax. This slide is obviously geared toward younger children, but as you can see from the max weight figures below, older kids meeting the weight criteria can also use it.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: L 12.5 feet x W 5.5 feet x H 5.5 feet (inflated)
  • Max user weight: 75 pounds
  • Max Total Weight: 200 pounds
  • Blower to inflate (included)
  • Manual/Instructional DVD (included)

Banzai Adventure Club

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The Adventure Club Water Park has a lot going on, which is good for parents because it will keep the kids busy for hours. The focal point is the dual slides that have overhead sprayers to keep the slides wet. After children complete the wall climb to get to the slides, they enter a covered tunnel/tree house type area that is ideal for hanging out before catching a slide down to the splash area. Other cool features are a basketball hoop, dual cannons, and an overhead sprinkler at the splash pool level.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: 32 x 19.5 x 17.8 inches
  • Product Weight: 69 pounds
  • Blower to inflate (included)

Blast Zone Hydro Rush

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Here is another backyard water slide by Blast Zone that is sure to liven up those hot summer days. The “Hydro Rush” makes the slide the main attraction with a bonus water cannon to spray the other kids passing by. This durable water park will likely help you create some great memories for summers to come.

Product Summary:

  • Dimensions: L 18 feet x W 11 feet x H 8 feet
  • Blower to inflate (included)
  • Manual/Instructional DVD (included)
  • Max person weight: 100 pounds
  • Max Gross Weight: 200 pounds
  • Product Weight: 60 pounds

Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider

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Our list would not be complete if it did not include a Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide! This “wave rider double” Slip ‘N Slide includes two sliding lanes that are 15 feet long. It comes with two slide boogies to increase your sliding excitement. You connect the slide to a hose, turn on the hose, and let the fun begin. The Slip ‘N Slide is the original that has been around since 1961. We think every kid should experience one of these at least once in their life.


We hope you were able to find the best backyard water slide for your household or wherever else you may use it. We realize some of the above options are pricey, but most of these are designed to last a long time assuming you care for them as recommended by the manufacturer. When you factor in the hours of fun these slide will provide, along with the price you would pay if you were to potential rent a high-end slide, most of these slides seem reasonably priced.

Keep in mind that a slide in good condition will likely have some value when it has lost its appeal around your home. You my be able to recuperate some of your initial costs by selling your water slide down road.

While we do have Amazon affiliate links on this page, we would like to fair and say that you can consider buying a used water slide through a website like Craig’s List or a local Facebook group. You could potential save a bunch of money. However, you never know how a used water slide was treated. A worst-case scenario might be that the slide was discreetly fixed up for selling purposes and sold knowing the slide likely would not last much longer. Depending on what you pay, it may not be worth the risk.