Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Best Motion sensor Lights

There a several reasons why a motion sensor light makes an excellent addition to a yard. The obvious benefit is that you do not have to switch the light on or off. These lights typically function to where they automatically switch off during daylight and are in operation for motion sensing at night. Additionally, these lights are a great deterrent against burglars or other unwanted guest. A burglar might thinks twice about gaining access to your home if they are exposed by an outdoor motion sensor that alerts people of their presence. Lastly, motion lights save money because they are often design to only turn on when there is motion. This beats the alternative to keeping yard lights on all night.

Below we have provide a list of lights for you to consider. These are out picks for the best outdoor motion sensor lights for your yard.

The Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Best Wireless:

Mr. Beams MB3000 High Performance Wireless Battery Powered Motion Spotlight

The Mr. Beams MB3000 comes equipped with 500 lumens (250 per head) of LED light for bright coverage of your dark yard. This unit has two adjustable light heads that can pivot 180 degrees up and down and 135 degrees from right to left. Essentially, you have a wide range of options where you want to focus the light source. When the light is on, it will cover approximately 800 square feet.

Motion will be detected from 30 feet away, which will activate the light to turn on. After 20 seconds of no motion, the light will shut off. It has a dusk-to-dawn sensor, therefore, you do have to worry about the light triggering on during the day.

This light is battery powered so you will not have to worry about running electric wires to the unit. This makes this light for versatile for most people’s needs.  The seller claims that the 4 D-cell batteries will provide 1 year of light for each set of batteries with an average use of 8-10 activations in a day.

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Best Solar:

URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light 

You will receive a 4-pack of lights with this purchase, which you can place anywhere since they are wireless. The lights run off solar panels that will charge in approximately 7 hours. You will receive about 12 hours of lighting with a fully charged unit.

The lights pick up motion at 10 feet with 120 degree sensing angle. The lights will conveniently stay on until the motion ends. There is no need to worry about the lights turning off unexpectedly as long as you are in range and produce some sort of motion. The lights will turn off after 30 seconds without motion in the area.

This is one of the best outdoor motion sensor lights for both being solar and the value that they provide.

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Best Wall Mounted Traditional Design:

Capistrano Black Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light

The Capistrano motion sensor light is an excellent option if you are looking for a classic traditional wall light to add to your home. The fixture comes equipped with a dusk-to-dawn motion sensor. There is no need to worry about switching the sensor on or off. When it is dark outside, the light will pick up motion at a 10-40 foot range and 220 degrees.

The light measures 12 3/4″ high by 7″ wide and extends out 8″ from the wall. It features a black finish on steel construction. The bulb is protected by seeded glass. You are able to use a 60 watt standard base bulb with this light. The bulb can be incandescent, CFL, or LED.

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Best for Brightness:

DrawGreen DG08-A Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor

The DrawGreen motion spotlight provides 110W equivalent of light for a powerful light source for your yard. This is a dusk to dawn light. A sensor will turn off the light during the day and it will automatically turn on under a dim-light mode at night.  When the motion sensor detects movement, it will produce a bright light (1400LM) that will illuminate the yard.

The light is designed to pick up movement at 20-26 feet away and at a 120 degree range. It comes equipped with a replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery that need to be replaced after 70-100 weeks.

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The light is solar powered allowing for placement where you desire. The light will fully charge within about 5 to 6 hours during sunny days. It is made out of aluminum alloy making it much more tolerable to wear and tear than other plastic constructed lights. The light will be able to withstand temperatures from -30 to 120°F and it is both waterproof and heatproof.

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Best Step/Stair Motion Light: 

Mr. Beams MB530 Wireless Battery-Operated Indoor/Outdoor Motion-Sensing LED Step/Stair Light

The Mr. Beams motion-sensing LED light is convenient for lighting up steps, stairs, pathways, or even small spaces indoors. It is manufactured to detect motion up to 12 feet away. The light will automatically shut off after 20 or 60 seconds of no motion. You have the option of the light to remain on without motion if you choose. The coverage area is 120 square feet.

The light is powered by 3 C-cell batteries (sold separately). You can expect approximately one year of light for the batteries assuming about 8-10 motion activations per 24 hours. We love this light because it is wireless allowing for easy installation just about anywhere.

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Best Overall:

LITOM 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor

Each Litom motion light is equipped with 24 LED solar powered lights. The manufacturer indicates the LED lights are “double brighter” than typical LED lights. One light can illuminate approximately 200 square feet providing ample coverage for many yards. The light also provides 270° of range of light coverage.

This light is solar powered, so it will charge in the sunlight. It does not need to be wired, which allows it to be placed almost anywhere. You are able to select between three light modes as follows:

  • The light automatically turns on when dark to a medium light.
  • The light automatically turns on to dim light when dark. If there is motion, the light will produce bright light for about 20 seconds. It will return to dim light after 20 seconds of no motion.
  • The light automatically turns on to bright light when motion is detected.

The light is IP65 waterproof and will have no problem withstanding the elements. this is one of the best outdoor motion sensor lights because of its versatility.

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Best Motion Sensor Light Bulb:

Vgogfly Motion Sensor Light Bulb

There is no need to buy a special light fixture to incorporate motion sensor technology into your yard. If you purchase this bulb,  it will detect motion at night without the need for a special fixture. The sensor is dusk-to-dawn meaning the motion sensor will only be active at night. The bulb will remain off during daytime hours.

This bulb will pick up motion at about 15 feet with a 120° range. The light will remain on with motion in the area and it will turn off within 60 seconds of no motion. This bulb is essentially money saver if the alternative is to leave a light on until morning.

You are offered a 12 month money back guarantee and a 24 month warranty with this purchase.

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