Best Outdoor Clocks for the Patio, Garden, Poolside, and Beyond

An outdoor clock makes sense for a yard if you spend a lot of time outdoors and don’t want to routinely reach for the cell phone or run inside to check the time. It is especially great for yards that have a lot of recreational or social activities where the time can easily slip away. 

That being said, there is nothing wrong with displaying a clock outside for an occasional glance at the time or even as a decorative piece to spruce up the yard. There certainly can be an element of elegance brought to a yard with the purchase of the right outdoor clock. 

The purpose of this article is to help you find one of the best outdoor clocks that suits for yard, garden, patio, or similar location. As you will see below, there are a nice variety of clocks for outdoor use. Several have a thermometer and hygrometer included on the clock face to conveniently read the temperature and humidity.   

SkyNature Outdoor Clocks Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock with Temperature and Humidity (18 Inches) 

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This SkyNature clock is large at 18 inches, which makes it easy to read from in the pool or other relatively far distance. 

In addition to the time, it also displays the temperature and humidity. The temperature reading ranges from -10 to 130°F. Humidity displays a reading from a standard 0 to 100%rh. 

The clock can be used outside or inside the home. Outdoor use is suitable because of a quality waterproof seal ring that prevents water from penetrating into the clock. It is weather and UV resistant to allow the clock to withstand the various elements. 

While the clock might be on the higher end in terms of price, prime materials are used. It is constructed out of a solid metal frame with metal hands and a glass lens. The frame is painted copper for an elegant appearance 

The clock is powered by an AA battery that must be purchased separately. The manufacturer recommends mounting it out of direct sunlight that is dry for accurate readings. 

Bew Outdoor Clock with Thermometer & Hygrometer Combo (18 Inches)

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Add a bit of elegance to your outdoor living space with this Bew clock. Its diameter is 18 inches making it large enough for people not to struggle to view the time. 

The lower portion of the clock allows the viewer to read the humidity from 0 to 100%rh and temperature from -10 to 130°F. 

As should be expected from one of the best outdoor clocks, this is waterproof and weather resistant. It features a glass cover with a a rubber gasket to ensure the internal workings remain dry. 

The frame is made from a quality metal and the face is PVC. If you purchase this clock, the manufacturer recommends placing it in a shady area to protect the face from rolling up due to high heat. 

The clock runs off a single AA battery (sold separately). A 1.5V carbon-zinc AA battery is recommended for the most efficient operation. 

Lily’s Home Hanging Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock (14 Inches)

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Bring Lily’s Home to your home with this indoor/outdoor wall clock. The clock has a beautiful faux-stone frame that is a perfect compliment to an outdoor setting. It also has a glass lens and crystal quartz for reliable time keeping. 

It is on the smaller side at 14 inches in comparison to other clocks featured here. You should keep that in mind if you need to see the clock from afar or you prefer a smaller clock.

The clock face has built-in a thermometer and hygrometer to read the temperature and humidity. The temperature displays from -60 to 120°F and the humidity shows the typical 0 to 100%rh. 

Placing this clock out in the various elements will not be problem. It is designed to be weather resistant including being waterproof. 

A single screw for mounting along with one AA battery (not included) will have this clock up and running in minutes. 

PresenTime & Co Indoor/Outdoor Illuminated Clock with Thermometer & Hygrometer (18 Inches)

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This clock is unique in that the clock face illuminates at night. It is equipped with a smart light sensor that triggers on the lights as is displayed in the picture below. This is perfect for people that like to enjoy their yard at night for swimming, talking around the fire pit, campfire grilling, and other related activities.  

PresenTime & Co 18' Indoor / Outdoor Luminous Farmhouse Wall Clock with Thermometer & Hygrometer, Weather Thermometer-Grey Oak Finish, Bright Warm Light  

This PresenTime & Co clock features front and back rubber gaskets for superior protection against the elements. It is both UV resistant and waterproof to withstand the elements and keep working day-after-day. 

As is common with outdoor clocks, it is includes a thermometer and hygrometer. The thermometer measures temperature from -40 to 140°F and displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The hygrometer displays the standard 0 to 100% humidity reading.    

The finish on the frame is a hand-brushed gray oak. The case is a heavy-duty ABS plastic with a glass lens and aluminium hands. It has quartz movement that is known for its accurate time. 

One AA battery is enough to power this clock, however, you will also need four D batteries for the lights. The batteries do not come with this clock. 

Bulova C4826 Light Time Wall Clock (14 Inches)

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If you do not need the thermometer and hygrometer that the above clocks feature, this stylish clock by Bulova is one to consider. It has a beautiful Champagne finish that will compliment a wide variety of indoor and outdoor decor. 

This clock is weather and moisture resistant making it perfectly suitable to hang outdoors. It is equipped with white LED lights next to the 12, 3, 6, and 9 numbers on the clock. These lights help illuminate the clock face to make it easier to read in dark settings.

A sensor automatically turns the lights on and off based on the amount of light near the clock. If you are keeping it outside, it will turn on at dusk and off at dawn similar to a solar tiki torch or an LED flood light.  

This Bulova clock requires one AA battery to operate the clock and 4 D batteries to operate the lights. The batteries are not included. 

SecreShow Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer and Humidity (16 Inches)

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The beautifully designed SecreShow clock displays not only the time, but also the temperature and humidity. The temperature is measured from -40° to 140°F in analog fashion. This temperature range is more than sufficient since most areas do not come close to the upper and lower extremes of the possible temperature readings. 

As should be expected from an outdoor clock, it is waterproof. The glass protecting the dial is designed not to annoyingly steam over, which will prevent problems of not being able to read the clock. This is due to a premium gasket that tightly seals the cover from the elements. 

The time numbers on this clock are large enough to see at a distance. However, it may take getting a bit closer to the clock to view the smaller humidity and temperature readings. 

The clock certainly has a stylish design with black-bronze around the frame along with a silver accent ring next to the classic white dial. It has large black numbering that easily stand out from a distance. The clock face is 16 inches to make it simple to read without being extravagantly showy because of its large size. 

The clock operates off a single AA zinc carbon battery. The battery is not include with a purchase so be sure to order one if you buy this clock online.  

Cambridge Indoor Outdoor Garden Clock (14 Inches)

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This Cambridge garden clock has a traditional appearance modeled after the westminster design. The soft greenish blue of the frame is complimented perfectly by the cream clock face with distressed black numbers. 

The clock is weatherproof and UV resistant that allows it to handle the various beautiful and harsh weather conditions. It is made from a polyresin material so there will no rotting or rusting. 

Its diameter is 14 inches which could make it difficult to read at a distance, especially when dark. However, we think it is suitable option in many yards as way to brighten up the area while also providing a source of time where it is often much needed. 

Infinity Instruments The Forecaster Clock (16 Inches)

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This Infinity Instruments clock is one of the favorites to place poolside or near the patio. It’s smartly called “The Forecaster” because it not only shows the time but also a reading for the humidity and temperature.

If you find the readings to be inaccurate, you can adjust them with a simple turn of a flathead screwdriver on the back of the clock. The clock is made with quartz movement and is powered by a single AA battery that must be purchased separately.  

The black case, rivets, and latch set this clock apart from many other outdoor clocks. The material used is molded plastic for the frame, printed vinyl for the face, and metal for the hands. This is a nice option for a budget-friendly clock for the patio. 

Bestime Metal Case Double Side Clock

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It’s hard not to love this antique-style outdoor wall clock by Besttime. The clock is double-sided with a clock face on each side. This makes it easy to read the time from multiple locations in the yard.

The clock will undoubtedly bring some class and elegance to just about any home outdoor setting. It is just as much of a decorative piece as it is a tool to tell time.

It is available in sizes small, medium (pictured above), and large. We recommend examining the dimensions of each clock on Amazon if you plan on purchasing one of them. 

OCEST Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock Waterproof (13 Inches)

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The OCEST wall clock is 13 inches and weather resistant. It is made with a waterproof cover on the backside of the clock with a front rubberized seal for more than ample enough protection against the elements. 

While this clock lacks a hygrometer to read the humidity, it does have a thermometer located on the bottom face of the clock. The thermometer shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

The clock has the appearance of stone with gray/blue coloring. It contains a glass lens, aluminum hands, and a plastic frame. The dimensions are 13 , 13 , 1.7 inches. 

It runs on quartz movement which requires 1 AA 1.5V battery for operation. You will have to purchase the battery on its own. 

La Crosse Technology Cast Iron Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock (14 Inches)

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This La Crosse Technology clock features a sturdy antique white cast iron frame. It has large Roman numerals and sizeable black metal hands that help for viewing purpose. However, some reviewers claim that the clock can be a little challenging to see at a distance. 

We love the flower center design that will fit perfectly in many garden settings. Additionally, the scroll pattern adds a bit of splendor to the clock.

The clock operates off one AA alkaline battery that is not included. It weighs 4.4 pounds so it will not easily move in the wind.   

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to select a single winner for the best outdoor clock since appearance is subjective and plays a big part in the decision to purchase a given clock. However, we believe that we chose a solid group of outdoor clocks that are both high-quality and stylish for a variety of tastes. We hope you found a clock worthy of hanging in your own backyard paradise.