Seven Extra Large Fire Pits for your Yard

Extra Large Fire Pits

It is currently about 35°F here as I am writing. I am dreaming about the day that I can pull out my fire pit, have a couple of beers, and some good conversations with friends. There is something special about sitting around the fire pit in the backyard and enjoying the weather.

I currently have about an 8 year old fire pit that is rusted with a few holes in the spark screen. I have been debating on whether to use my existing fire pit for one more season or upgrade to an extra large fire pit that handles more logs. I recently did some preliminary research on these type of fire pits, which is shown below. I’ll  update this article once I make a purchase.

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Titan 40″ 100% Copper Fire Pit Bowl

The Titan is a stunning and elegant fire pit that is built to last. It made from 100% cooper and features a sizable fire bowl. The interior measurement of the fire bowl is 39″, which allows plenty of room for several logs. The bowl is 8″ deep with the grate sit 5″ above the bottom to allow ample room for ashes. This fire pit will definitely stand out in any backyard and will likely last many seasons around the fire.

Sunnydaze 42″ Cosmic Design Fire Pit

If you like a little design on your fire pit, this one might be for you. The fire bowl measures 34″ (42″ diameter with the ring) and it comes with a spark screen for your safety. The bowl is 10″ deep, which allows room to keep the wood burning without the need to constantly add logs like other smaller fire pits. The color is “rustic patina” with a fun cosmic pattern on the side.

Huntington Cove Cast Stone 35″ Fire Pit (Bowl)

The Huntington Cove fire pit features a cast stone base that would compliment a variety of patio spaces. The stone look adds a touch of class, which you don’t often find with fire pits in this range. The steel base is 35″, which will accommodate logs up to 21″. This fire pit comes with a dome spark screen and a lift hook to safely remove the screen while hot.

Ohio Flame 48″ Steel Fire Pit

Here is your answer to an extra large fire pit. This natural steel finish pit will make a statement in even the grandest of yards. You can see by the picture that you can burn an enormous amount of wood with its 42″ diameter. The product weighs 260 pounds so you know this steel built fire pit will last for many years to come.

Nantucket Pavers Concrete Ledgestone Fire Pit Kit 47-1/4″

You will have to assemble this fire pit yourself, but installation is said to only take a few minutes. The company will ship you approximately 824 pounds of material so you will probably want to be prepared before it arrives. It comes with 12 wall sections, 4 wall caps, 3 sand bags, and the steel insert. Keep in mind that the interior diameter of the fire pit is only 33″ while the outside diameter is 47.25″. It also comes in tan if that color better fits your existing area.

Hampton’s Buzaar 40″ Fire Pit

The outside diameter of this fire pit is 39″. Yes, this is not huge like some other fire pits shown here, but it will hold enough logs to keep the fire going for quite some time. It comes with the dome spark screen pictured, which folds up to make adding wood a breeze.

Sunjoy Elson Slate and Steel Fireplace

I included this outdoor fireplace because it is relatively affordable  in comparison to other extra large fire pits. You would obviously need the space to fit this on your patio, but how amazing would it be to have a fireplace in your backyard for family and friends to enjoy. A benefit to a fireplace like this one is that the smoke gets channeled up through the chimney. If you have experience with fire pits, you know that you occasionally will have smoke in your face if you sit too close the fire.