Best Firewood Cart for the Yard

If you frequently haul wood, a firewood cart will greatly reduce the labor time required to transport the wood. You can use a wheelbarrow, but a firewood cart is much more efficient given its typical large capacity.

Outside of the Gorilla Cart featured below, it is not uncommon to bring a firewood cart indoors to hold wood before it is burned. Of course, a cart can also be left outside to hold the wood off the ground to ensure it remains dry.

A convenient aspect of a firewood cart is that it can accommodate a variety of wood sizes.  In other words, you do not have to cut the wood to a specific size to allow it to fit in the cart. As long as the wood is reasonably sized, it can be hauled by th cart.

To operate the cart, you simply stack the wood, tip the cart back toward you like you would a two-wheel hand truck, and then simply walk with the cart to the desired location. 

Without further delay, here are our picks for the best firewood carts for the home yard. 

RightHand Firewood Log Hauler

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There are two primary features that help this firewood cart stand out from many others in the market.

Firstly, the extremely durable wheels offer excellent mobility and will undoubtedly hold up under the weight of a fully loaded cart.  

Secondly, the steel is heavy-duty and will not buckle under the pressure of the logs. You will haul logs with confidence that your load will be secure until you get to your unloading destination. 

The handle provides a nicely padded grip for comfort. As a bonus, this firewood cart comes with an oversized cover that will fit over a variety of wood sizes including non-uniform pieces. 

The cart is shipped unassembled. However, assembly is not overly complicated requiring only standard tools. Most people should have the cart together within 15 at most. 

This is one of the best firewood carts for the home, cabin, and beyond. Could the cart be sturdier as some reviewers have commented? Possibly, but we feel this is an excellent value that will suit the needs of most buyers for years to come. 

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Goplus Firewood Log Rack

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The Goplus features large 10-inch diameter pneumatic wheels for easy mobility over various types of terrain. You will have minimal concern about getting the cart stuck with these tires. 

The main construction is heavy-duty metal tubing with a black finish. Not only is the metal durable to withstand haul after haul, it is visually appealing if you choose to keep it in an area such as near the fireplace. This is an indoor/door cart so you’ll have a lot of diversity on where you can store it.

The cart can hold up to 220 pounds. Dimensions of this cart without the wheel are 25 x 13 x 43 inches. You will have ample space to haul and organize your chopped firewood without the worry of the cart bending under pressure. 

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Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cart

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The Sunnydaze Log Cart is another solid choice for transporting or storing wood for extend periods. The 10-inch pneumatic wheels allow for easy movement even with a full load. One 60 year old female commented in a review that this cart is a “breeze to move”. 

The cart can carry and hold approximately 1/8 face-cord of wood. If you are unfamiliar with how much this is, the above photo provides a visual. There are about 35 pieces of chopped wood on that cart. 

It measures 43 inches height x 21.5 inches wide x 26 inches deep and weighs 21 pounds. It is not excessively heavy to make it difficult to use. The weight limit is around 250 pounds so you’ll be able haul a lot of wood without issues. 

The cart is manufactured out of steel tubing and is finished with a powder-coat to protect the material. Some reviewers state the durability of the cart could be better, however, most reviewers find the cart highly desirable for its purpose.

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Vogelzang LC-37 Heavy Duty Log Cart

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The Vogelzang Log Cart features 50 pounds of firewood capacity. The triple bars on the front of the cart help greatly deter logs from spilling.

This log cart may more expensive than others features here, but it is manufactured out of a high-quality iron that is designed to last. 

If you are looking for a log cart with a lot of visual appeal, this is one best firewood carts for display purposes. We particularly like the rustic wood handle that matches perfect given the carts purpose. Visually there no better cart in comparison to the other featured here. 

We do wish the 10-inch rubber wheels were a bit more high end given the quality of the rest of the cart. If you are considering buying this cart, we suggest checking out the Amazon reviews regarding the wheels. You may consider upgrading them on your own if you buy this cart. 

The dimensions of the cart are 13.5 inches length, 16 inches width, and 45 inches height. The weight is approximately 40 pounds, which is on the heavier side of the carts featured in this article. However, this is a signal of the quality of material used. 

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Gorilla Carts GOR800-COM Steel Utility Cart 

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If you are looking for a cart that will efficiently haul wood, this Gorilla Utility Cart will not disappoint. This clearly is not a cart that will be brought indoors as a firewood holder, but it is an excellent option for the yard.

The cart can hold an amazing 800 pounds. This more than enough capacity to fill the cart to the brim with firewood without having the frame collapse or give. 

The best feature about this cart is its versatility. It can not only be used for firewood, but also for hauling other material such as mulch, pine straw, tree limbs, and much more.

The sides can be removed to transport large items. The bed measures 38-inches x 21-inches providing a decent amount of space for materials. 

The cart is equipped with four 10-inch pneumatic tires that will not have trouble navigating over the majority of backyard terrain. It can even perform adequately on steep inclines where other carts featured here might not be as stable or reliable. 

Overall, this is the cart we would choose if we were looking for something that was designed for more than just carrying wood. The hauling possibilities are almost endless with this Gorilla cart. It is a tough one not to consider in comparison to more the traditional firewood carts shown above.

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ZENY Firewood Fireplace Log Cart

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The Zeny Firewood Cart is made from wrought iron that brings a sturdy base which can hold up to 220 pounds. The metal contains a powder coated finish to protect it against the elements. 

It is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires that make transporting firewood a painless process. The tires can tackle almost any terrain you throw at them. 

While the primary purpose of this cart is to haul firewood, it can also be used to hold wood both indoors and outdoors. It is also a great tool for moving a large quantity of  wood to the fire pit so that you can enjoy your time in your fire pit seating without interruption. 

The overall dimensions of the cart are 26.96 inches length x 19.88 inches width x 26.77 inches height. It weighs 17.37 pounds which is on the lighter side of all the carts featured here.

You must assemble this Zeny Firewood Cart but assembly should take less than 10 to 15 minutes for most purchasers. 

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If your sole objective is to transport firewood, we recommend purchasing the Gorilla Cart. This is the most durable and versatile option of our selections. Where you are limited with the traditional firewood carts featured above, the Gorilla Cart opens the door to a wide range of hauling possibilities from moving gardening tools to wood chips and beyond.

Understandably, the Gorilla Cart is not ideal for many people. This is because it makes a terrible fixture for holding wood indoors. If you plan on using your firewood cart indoors, you will probably want one of the other more appealing carts. The Vogelzang Log Cart is most appealing visually, but we would select the RightHand or GoPlus if you have the best functionality in mind.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with any of the choices presented above. They all are highly suitable for use around the yard. There is no reason why they can’t last for many years ahead with proper care.

Firewood Cart Frequently Asked Questions

Can firewood be loaded to the top of the cart?

Generally, most carts can handle firewood being stacked to the brim. However, the taller the wood is stacked, the greater the risk of losing pieces along the way due to the lack of support. For most people, losing a pieces of wood here and there is no big deal consider the enormous amount of wood these carts can haul.

Can a firewood cart carry material other than just firewood?

Yes, anything that will fit within the confines of the cart will be able to be hauled. Again, the Gorilla Cart is best if you are considering versatility a primary factor in your cart selection.

Can a firewood cart be pulled up stairs?

Generally, the answer is yes. Depending on the number of stairs, this might be a laborious task. However, if you take it slow, most of the two wheel carts featured here will be able to make it up stairs.

What to look for when buying a firewood cart?

The manufacturers often list the weight capacity that a cart can hold. Pay attention to this number because you do not want to purchase a cart that is too weak to perform its haul. Additionally, tires are often overlooked but essential to a smooth transportation. Look for large pneumatic wheels at about 10 inches in diameter. The material of these carts is most often tubular steel. This material provides a lightweight for easy mobility yet is strong enough to handle a full load of firewood.

Can’t I just use a wheelbarrow to haul my wood?

A wheelbarrow will work to move wood. We have used one many times to haul firewood. However, it just does not have the capacity to make short work of a large firewood haul. In otherwoods, you will get a lot done faster with a cart dedicated to hauling firewood. Additionally, a wheelbarrow lacks the balance that a firewood cart provides.

How much weight can firewood cart hold?

It depends on the cart. Generally, they can hold about 200 pounds or more. Of course, you run the risk of damaging the cart if you exceed the products weight capacity.

Can a firewood cart be used indoors?

Carts that are similar in design to the RightHand and the Goplus featured above are often brought inside to hold wood. They can then be wheeled back outside when empty to be reload with firewood. Firewood carts designed for indoor and outdoor use provide a super convenient way to move wood to and from a desired location.

Do I really need a firewood cart?

It all depends on the amount of firewood you plan on hauling. Many people stack their wood adjacent to the house and can simply carry or wheelbarrow a small load at a time inside or to the fire pit. Others have a distance to travel where a firewood cart starts to become more practical. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine how much labor they are willing to perform manually versus having assistance of a cart. Most people will quickly realize when a cart is necessary or practical once they start hauling firewood for a few times.