Best Fire Pit Chairs for 2021

Best Fire Pit Chairs

The backyard fire pit is often a place for relaxation and great conversations. It is where stories are told, songs are sung, memories are shared, food is roasted, and games are played. Given the above, you can probably understand the importance of providing your family, friends, and guests with comfortable and quality fire pit seating. To help you find this seating, we have compiled our picks for the best fire pit chairs.

We have provided a diverse selection of chairs, which should appeal to the many different tastes out there. We hope you find one you will enjoy for many years to come!

The 9 Best Fire Pit Chairs for 2021

1. Polywood Adirondack Chair

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A man named Thomas Lee invented the first Adirondack chair in 1903 in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. He did so out of his desire to create chairs for his summer home in Westport, New york. His goal was to design a chair that was balanced, sturdy, and comfortable [source]. Needless to say, Lee met this goal, as the Adirondack chair remains one off the most popular outdoor chairs available today.

The Polywood Adirondack chair is one of our favorite types of these chairs. It is constructed out of a heavy-duty Polywood lumber. Polywood is made from recycled plastics such milk jugs and bottles.

Don’t be mistaken, this is nothing like the cheap outdoor plastic furniture that is in the trash after a season or two. You can genuinely see the manufacturer’s commitment to quality in the video below.

One of the best qualities of this chair is the lack of maintenance required to maintain its beauty. Unlike a wood outdoor chair that will eventually need sanding and painting; the Polywood chair only requires an occasional cleaning by hand (soap, water, and soft bristle brush) or a power washer (1,500 PSI max).

The chair is UV protected and fade-resistant to help maintain its color. Keep in mind that the color runs all the way through the chair material and is not just cheaply top-layered with color.

It is built to withstand all elements whether they occur in the harsh winter or hot summer. Customers state this chair does not get too hot in direct sun, which would make sitting unbearable.

The chair comes with a 20-year limited warranty. This warranty includes rotting, peeling, cracking, chiping, or splintering.

The current colors listed for this chair are black (pictured above), aruba, green, lemon, lime, mahogany, pacific blue, sand, slate grey, sunset red, tangerine, teak, and white. Click the button below for a look at all of these colors.

If you are interested more poly Adirondack chairs, see our article here that covers a few more high-quality options that will work great around a fire pit. 

2. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair

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We love the rustic look of this Lakeland Mills lounge chair. A few of these chairs around the fire pit will help bring comfort and relaxation to your family and guest. Undoubtedly, these have a genuine look and feel of a chair that is meant to be around the backyard fire.

The chair is manufactured out of white cedar, which is known for its ability to be durable, deter insects, and be rot resistant. It comes unfinished as shown above. If remained unfinished, the chair will weather to a silvery/grayish color that is often appealing. Additionally, the chair can be finished to maintain its color.

The Lakeland Mills chair is shipped unassembled. However, several people have commented that the assembly instructions were clear and assembly was not overly complicated. Keep in mind that owners of this chair state that staining before assembly is recommended since it is a much easier task than when done fully assembled.

The dimensions of this chair are 28″ length, 39″ height, and 28″ width. The weight limit is approximately 350 pounds. This is a USA made product.

3. Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

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The Outdoor Interiors Adirondack chair is made with Eucalyptus hardwood which is known for its strength, durability, and ability to withstand the elements.

Similar to the Lakeland Mills chair above, this will take on a silvery/grayish color over time when left outside. If you do not prefer this transformation of color, the manufacturer recommends treating the wood with outdoor furniture oil (Linseed or teak) 2-3 times a year.

A primary reason we have included this chair on our best fire pit chairs article is because the chair’s built in Ottoman. The Ottoman slides in and out from under the seat. This allows the user a section of comfort levels like a zero gravity chair

The below video shows how the smartly designed Ottoman feature works for this chair. There is no doubt that this will provide another level of relaxation for whoever will enjoy these chairs. 

4. Giantex 4-Pack Folding Chairs

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These Giantex chairs provide an excellent value given they come as a 4-pack for a reasonable price (click the price).

They are a great option if you are looking for portability and easy storage. The chairs are foldable and can be conveniently carried to another location or tucked away for storage. The folding design greatly adds to the versatility of these chairs.

The Giantex chairs do not become unbearable to sit on during extremely hot days. They are made from a textilene material, which allows the chairs to be breathable, stretchable, and also adds to the comfort.

Finally, these are not your typical cheap foldable chairs. The frame is constructed out of a heavy-duty steel, which contributes to the stability and durability of the chairs. There is no assembly required, so once these arrive they will be ready for use within minutes.

5. GloDea X36 Natural Lounge Chair

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The GloDea X36 is made out of yellow pine wood and has stainless steel hardware. The manufacturer stains and applies a sealant for protection prior to shipping. This allows the chair to be left outside for the entire year.

We love the unique rustic design of this chair. It has a much more modern look compared to many other outdoor wood chairs.

One feature that is not common with wood fire pit chairs is their ability to easily fold. The GloDea does fold flat to allow for better storage or transportation.

The chair’s dimensions are 26″ length, 19″ width, and 29.5″ height. It weighs 19 pounds which is a nice weight to help keep the chair upright in a storm or windy condition. It sits low to the ground at about 12″, which is perfect for nestling up to the outdoor fire.

It comes in many colors including espresso brown (pictured above), alligator green, bride’s veil (whitish color), buffalo wing (organish), clear finish, honey, light brown, light gray, purple berry, sky blue, wild black, and vintage American flag. Click the button below to see the various colors.

6. Best Choice Products Wicker Adirondack Chair

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Best Choice Products combines wicker with an Adirondack design to create this stylish chair. The chair is manufactured to withstand the various elements of the seasons. The steel frame greatly contributions to the chair’s durability.

It comes with the fade-resistant cushion pictured above. The dimension are 33″ length, 26″ width, and 33″ height. The chair can hold a person up to 250 pounds.

The color is a gorgeous dark brown. Assembly is required, however, we estimate that most people will have this chair ready for use within about 10 minutes.

7. Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Love Seat

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Here is another high-quality product by Lakeland Mills that will work great for seating around an extra large fire pit. The love seat design allows for potential cuddling around the flames.

This love seat is made out of white pine. It can be left out in the elements, but expect the wood to take on a silver/gray tone over time. Similar to the Lakeland Mills lounge chair above, it can be finished to add a layer of protection and preserve its color. The pine will naturally deter insects.

The dimensions are 48″ length, 30″ width, and 39″ height. Keep in mind that this love seat weighs approximately 59 pound. Given its weight, most people will likely want to keep this in a designated area instead of rountinuely moving it around the yard.

8. GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker

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This chair quickly folds flat for simple carrying and storage. The built in handle eliminates situations where carrying the chair may be awkward. That is the last thing you need when hauling the chair a relatively long distance.

The GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker is an excellent choice for using around the home fire pit or taking along with you to places such as the beach, sporting events, or camping. It is an extremely versatile chair that fits in at many events.

It is equipped with a powder-coated steel frame that is able to support up to 250 pounds. The open chair dimensions are 25.6″ x 24.4″ x 33.1″. It weighs about 12 pounds making it not overly heavy to carry.

One positive feature that this chair has that the others do not is its ability to rock. It is made with spring-action rocking technology that provides a smooth rocking experience no matter the surface.

The GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker is manufactured with a mesh backing to help keep your body cool. It also has padded armrest for comfort.

Additionally, an added bonus is the beverage holder attached to the leg of the chair. This is an important feature when the chair is used in areas where side tables are scarce or nonexistent.

9. Stonegate Designs Curved Fire Pit Bench

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Technically this not a chair but a bench; however, it is a solid alternative to any fire pit chair. It is constructed out of durable cedar/fir wood.

Finishing the wood right away after shipment is recommended to protect and preserve the fir/cedar. Like other cedar chairs found on our selection of the best fire pit chairs, the bench will gray over time when left in the elements.

One cool feature of this bench is that if you buy eight of them, they will form a complete circle. The circle will be 11 feet in diameter (inside diameter) and 13 feet (outside diameter). This circle will create the ultimate gathering place for endless hours of fun around the fire pit.

The dimensions of this bench are 59.5″ width, 20 2/8″ depth, and 15 3/4″ height. The weight limit is 250 pounds. Assembly is required upon delivery.

Best Fire Pit Chairs: FAQ

Does my new fire pit chair need to be assembled?

Many chairs do need to be assembled. The good news is that most chairs are not complicated to put together. Generally, within less than 30 minutes we would estimate that most chairs would be able to be assembled.

Can you buy a fire pit and chairs together?

Yes, there are fire pits with chair sets available. An example is this GDF Studio 5-piece set. You often can find some good deals on buying a set compared to buying the chairs and fire pit individually.

What is the benefit of chairs over built in seating?

Built-in seating is permanent. In other words, it does not allow the person sitting to adjust their seat to the heat of the fire. A moveable chair allows the individual to move closer or farther away from the fire pit as needed.

What things should I consider when buying fire pit chairs?

Consider the number of chairs needed for your space and their comfort level before buying. There is nothing worse than going to a fire pit gathering with a lack of adequate seating or uncomfortable chairs. Additionally, you should have ample places for family or guests to set their drinks or plates. This may mean buying a few side tables and/or making sure your chairs have beverage holders.

Should I finish my fire pit chairs if they are unfinished when purchased?

We recommend it, especially if you plan on leaving the chairs out in harsh conditions. Finishing will help maintain the color and provide a layer of protection. Read what the manufacturer recommends for a sealant and/or stain before finishing your chair.