How Much Does a Push Mower Weigh?

Weight of a Push Mower

Push lawn mowers are typically designed with their weight in mind. The manufacturers realize that the users must exert some effort to push the mower through their yard; therefore, they typically do not make them overwhelming heavy.

Push mowers are ideal for a small yard where the operator will not be exhausted from the excessive pushing required to mow the full lawn.  A 1/4 to 1/2 acre is typically the maximum size lawn you want to use a push mower on. Of course, if your body allows it, feel free to mow any size lawn you physically can handle.

We cannot give you a definitive answer to “How much does a push mower weigh?” since weights vary by the type of push mower purchased. However, we have provided a sample of the weights of a selection of push mowers to give you any idea of how much they weigh. If you are looking for the weight of a specific mower that is not listed below, visit the manufacturer’s website, which often will have the product weight listed.

BrandModel #WeightCutting WidthWeight Source
Craftsman3742073 Pounds21 InchSource
Craftsman3745160 Pounds21 InchSource
Cub CadetSC 100 HW63 Pounds21 InchSource
Cub CadetSC 100 H65 Pounds21 InchSource
Husqvarna7021P66 Pounds21 InchSource
Lawn-Boy1773062 Pounds21 InchSource
Lawn-Boy1073662 Pounds21 InchSource
Toro2132969 Pounds22 InchSource
Toro2131954 Pounds21 InchSource
Yard Machines11A-B1BE72966 Pounds21 InchSource
Yard Machines11A-BOBL72960 Pounds21 InchSource

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The average weight of the above push mowers is approximately 64 pounds. Keep in mind that these mowers are traditional gas powered. We did not include push electric, push battery, or reel mowers in the data.