Can You Compost Bread?

can you compost bread

Most people out there have likely come across the unpleasant surprise of moldy or stale bread when going to make a sandwich. There is no doubt that this can ruin a lunch when you were looking forward to that sandwich all morning.

The common first reaction is to toss the disgusting bread in the trash as quickly as possible and start shuffling through the cupboards and frig looking for an alternative meal. However, what if you could put that old bread to good use?

Can you compost bread?

If you have ever left a piece of bread outside, you probably found that it decomposed rather quickly if the animals didn’t get to it first.

While you can compost bread, you should do so with caution. You have to be careful when composting bread because it can attract unwanted animals to your pile. You should bury it deep in the compost, about 10 to 12 inches, to deter pest from rummaging through the pile.

You should monitor the compost after you bury the bread to be sure isn’t being disturbed by unwanted vermin. Remove the bread, if possible, and discontinue placing additional bread or other potential food source in the compost pile if animals become a problem.

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Some people just rather not bother with the headache that potential pest may bring when composting bread. That is a perfectly okay course to take. There are numerous other items that can be composted without attracting vermin.

Ultimately, your decision to include bread in your compost may be a matter of how secure your composting area is to potential pest. If your pile is left open for all to access, you may have some problems, especially if you are unable to bury the bread deep. However, something like a very secure bin may do a good job at shielding the compost from outside pests.

If you are just getting started with composting, here is a good resource to get you going on the right track. Good luck with your composting!