Virtually Indestructible Mailboxes

Snow plows, bad drivers, and kids with baseball bats are just some of things that destroy mailboxes. If you find yourself routinely having to replace your mailbox because of damage, you may want to consider upgrading to one that is virtually indestructible.  

We have compiled the below list of some of the best virtually indestructible mailboxes. Any one of these should last an extremely long time even when not treated gently. 

5 Virtually Indestructible Mailboxes for the Home

Gibraltar Mailboxes Ironside Large Capacity

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The Gibraltar Ironside is not your ordinary mailbox made from cheap plastic or metal. It is constructed with 20 pounds of heavy-gauge steel that will withstand a beating. 

Over the steel is a powder-coated finish that not only provides the classic black mailbox appearance but also protects it from rust. 

It is equipped with a stainless steel hinge on the door for a fluid open and close of the mailbox. It has a magnet latch to secure the door in place when closed. 

The flag is also made with a heavy-duty steel with steel fasteners. If someone hits it or tries to pull it off, it likely is not going anywhere. 

This is a large size mailbox that will accommodate many types of packages or larger envelopes. You can get an idea just how big the interior of this mailbox is from the below picture. 

Gibraltar Mailboxes Ironside Large Capacity Galvanized Steel Black, Post-Mount Mailbox, MB801B

In case you are not convinced of the virtual indestructibility of this mailbox, watch the below video that shows zero damage to it after being hit hard with a baseball bat. 

Mail Boss 7105 Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

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You can tell by looking at this Mail Boss mailbox just how strong it is. It is made from 12 and 14-gauge electrogalvanized steel that can withstand a major beating.

At 40 pounds of heavy-duty steel, repeated swings of a baseball bat at it will barely budge it. Not even a sizeable truck running it over will harm it.   

This is an excellent choice if you are seeking to deter mail theft. This is especially vital today where identity theft is problematic in many areas. 

On the top of the box is the mail slot where the mail can be delivered or collected without a key. The slot is made with an anti-fishing design that makes it extremely difficult for someone to reach their hand into the slot to try to fish out mail from within.

The lower front portion of the mailbox is where you key in to grab the mail. This is extremely difficult to pry open with its ant-pry latch locking mechanism. 

This USPS approved mailbox comes with three keys, reflective numbers, lag bolts, and the necessary drill bit for the install. Potential colors include granite (pictured above), white, black, and bronze. 

The below video demonstrates just how strong and durable this mailbox really is. 

Mail Boss Curbside 7510 Mail Manager Mailbox

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The Mail Boss Curbside 7510 is one of our favorite indestructible mailboxes in regard to curb appeal. It is not only highly durable but also a mailbox you won’t cringe at every time you drive by it. The gorgeous wood grain will compliment just about any home. 

It is constructed out of 14 and 16-gauge electro galvanized steel. Similar to the other Mail Boss above, a battle against things like snow plows or vandalism will be of little concern. 

This mailbox features an upper mail slot where the mailman inserts the mail. Once the mail has been placed in the box, its baffle door makes it very challenging to fish out mail.  

This mailbox comes with three keys that are used to open the lower section of the box to retrieve the mail. The equipped anti-pry latch lock along with the heavy-duty box material make it nightmare for a thief to even being to budge the door on this mailbox.  

Architectural Mailboxes 5560RZ-SR Sequoia Postmount Mailbox

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This Sequoia by Architectural Mailboxes features a smooth, clean look and a classic mailbox design. 

It is made out of heavy gauge galvanized steel that can hold up under the abuse of snow plows, trucks, and a baseball bat attacks. A powder coat is applied to the mailbox to deter rust and corrosion.

The dimensions of the mailbox are 20.79 x 8.03 x 9.72 inches. You can get an idea visually of how much this mailbox can hold by viewing the below picture. 

Architectural Mailboxes 5560RZ-SR Sequoia Postmount Mailbox, Medium, Rubbed Bronze

We love how the manufacturer went with a more modern light gray flag color as opposed to the more traditional red flag. In case you were wondering, it is not a requirement for the flag to be red

Lambright Aluminum Indestructible Mailbox

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While maybe not the most attractive to some, it serves the purpose of being an extremely tough mailbox while also doing a solid job at collecting the mail. 

It is made out of diamond plate aluminum that allows the mailbox to withstand the wear and tear of the elements and not so gentle human behavior. 

This USA made mailbox from Amish craftsmen weighs 6.5 pounds. It has a magnetic closure to keep the door closed.

It measures approximately 8-1/4″W x 8-3/4″H x 16-1/2″D, which provides a relatively nice amount of space for mail. 

The post and mounting hardware are not included with a purchase. 

Preventing Mailbox Vandalism

Mailbox vandalism actually can results in serious consequences. According to Cornell Law, the person participating in the vandalism can be fined, imprisoned for up to three years, or both.

Despite the potential consequences, mailboxes seem to still receive their good share abuse around America. That is likely because they are such an easier target for an attack. One swing of a baseball bat out of a car window and the damage is done without a likely clue of who did it.   

Fortunately, there are some ways to prevent mailbox vandalism:

  • Indestructible Mailbox – we have already gone the importance of a high-quality and rigid mailbox, but it warrants repeating. Purchasing one of the best indestructible mailboxes will deter damage and repeat attacks on your mailbox. In other words, if someone can’t initially damage your mailbox, they likely won’t return for another go at it. 
  • Keep it Tidy – A mailbox that is not kept tidy can be a sign of an easy target for vandalism. For example, if a mailbox has a few days of newspapers stacked up outside of it and weeds growing tall around it, this can be a signal that the resident isn’t paying much attention to their mailbox and vandalism will be easy. 
  • Light it Up – While placing a light near a mailbox can be challenging given its typical street side location, it may help deter vandalism. You might want to consider some type of LED solar light where the sun powers the light without the need for wiring. 
  • Cameras – With the increasing popularity of home cameras and other security devices, it baffles us that anyone would attempt to  vandalize, commit mail theft, or other related crimes. A security camera might not initially stop mailbox vandalism or mail theft, but it may provide some valuable evidence on who did it. If the cameras are noticeable, that might be enough to deter someone from even initiating the vandalism. 
  • Relocation – If your mailbox is currently located on the street curb, you may wish to bring it closer to your home if regulations permit it. A vandal is much more likely to attack a curbside mailbox as opposed to one that it close to the house. 
  • Mailbox Alert System – A mailbox alert system notifies the homeowner inside when the mailbox door is opened. This typically works by placing a transmitter inside the mailbox that triggers a signal to a device (i.e. cell phone, receiver, etc.) when the mailbox door opens. The alert system can prevent someone from stealing the mail or potential alert you of someone tampering with the mailbox. Check out our article on the best mailbox alert systems for more information. 
  • Contact the Authorities – You should alert the police that mailbox vandalism has occurred. This is especially true if it has happened more than once. Reporting vandalism will hopefully alert police to keep an eye out for this type of criminal behavior in your neighborhood.