Kentucky Bluegrass Mowing Height

Mowing Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is a favorite for many northern United States lawns. It able to survive this region’s harsh winters while also having the ability to thrive in the full summer sun when appropriately maintained. One of the keys to keeping Kentucky bluegrass at its often dark green color is to mow it at the right height. Your Kentucky bluegrass mowing height is a key factor in your lawn’s health.

Kentucky Bluegrass Mowing Height

Generally, Kentucky bluegrass should be mowed above 2.5 inches. In the summer months, Kentucky bluegrass should be mowed higher, at 3 inches or above, to promote root growth and to shade the soil. In extreme hot and dry conditions, you should consider mowing toward the 4 inch mark to protect your lawn from drought.

Many people strive to have their lawn look like a well manicured Major League baseball field or golf course. These lawns are mowed short and appear flawless greenly even in the often excessive weather conditions of July and August. However, remember that these stadiums or courses have a crew who is highly trained to achieve that perfect look. They also have an enormous grounds-keeping budget that would make most of our annual fertilizing and watering expenses look like pocket change.

Mowing Bluegrass Shorter

You can keep your Kentucky bluegrass shorter than indicated above, but it will require extra care to maintain a presentable look through the summer. When you mow low, the root system will likely be shallow and there is a greater risk of turf grass damage when soil moisture is minimal. You will have to be devoted to proper watering and fertilizing if you want to maintain a green lawn from spring to fall. A soil moisture meter can be used to gauge the level of moisture the lawn has received.

Additionally, mowing shorter gives weeds the opportunity to grow. A taller lawn will shade out weeds and help deter their growth. A shorter mowed Kentucky bluegrass lawn may require you to battle weeds if you do not already have them under control.

Low Mow Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

There are varieties of Kentucky bluegrass that hold up well to low mowing. For example, Fairways Blues can be mowed at 1/2 to 1-1/12 inches. If you want a low mow Kentucky bluegrass lawn, you may consider reseeding your lawn with a bluegrass that is designed to be cut low. You may have to track one down, but they are available.