Does A Traeger Grill Need Electricity?

When you look at a Traeger from the front of the grill, you will see a hopper on the side of it. This hopper is filled with hardwood pellets that are used as fuel and flavor. Popular choices of hardwood pellets include hickory, apple, pecan, and mesquite.  

The pellets move from the hopper to a fire pot located under the grill grates with the assistance of an auger. The auger, in fact, is powered by electricity.

Additionally, electricity powers the controller on the hopper, which is used to ignite and adjust the temperature of the grill. There is also a fan that circulates the heat and smoke through the grill that needs electricity to operate.

In short, Traeger grills require electricity to operate the auger, controller, and fan.

Electrical Requirements

Traeger grills require a 3-prong outlet located near the grill for operation. GFCI protection is required to protect against electrocution or shock. The company states to place the grill within 6-feet of a grounded receptacle to allow the cord to reach and to prevent shock.

Traeger Grills That Require Electricity

We verified through the owner’s manuals that the following Traeger grills require electricity:

Pellet GrillModel #Electricity Required?
Pro 575TFB57GLEYes
Pro 780TFB78GLEYes
Ironwood 650TFB65BLFYes
Ironwood 885TFB89BLFYes
Timberline 850TFB85WLEYes
Timberline 1300TFB01WLEYes
Ranger TFT18KLDYes
Tailgater TFB30KLFYes
Large CommercialCOM200Yes
Traeger XL BBQ150.01Yes

How A Traeger Pellet Grill Works

The below video produced by the manufacturer shows how a Traeger operates. You can get a pretty good idea of why electricity is required for the automation process by watching this video. The minor inconvenience of having to plug in this grill is greatly outweighed by its ease of use, versatility, and set-it & forget it capabilities.  


Do Other Pellet Grills Need Electricity?

Other pellet grills operate similar to the Traeger where they use an auger to gradually push pellets into a fire pot. The augers on other pellet grills require electricity to operate. In addition, other parts of the pellet grill such as the controller need an electrical power source as well.

Whether you buy a Traeger or other pellet grill brand, it will need an electrical outlet nearby to operate the grill. Review the grill manual to verify the electricity requirements for a specific pellet grill.