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Blackstone Griddle 28 inch Review

I purchased a Blackstone Griddle (28 inch version) during a  Black Friday sale. At the time, I was not overwhelmingly excited about trying it out. It remained in the box until late April when there were no more signs of snow.   I have since used the griddle for numerous meals including sliders, steaks, chicken fried …

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Can a Grill Be Used Indoors?

Can you grill inside

Let’s assume you are having a BBQ party for numerous guest. You wake up the day of the party and you are greeted with nasty weather which includes heavy rain and lightening. You realize that attempting to grill outside is not a viable option. Many people presented with the scenario above or something similar have …

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Best Small Gas Grills

Best small grills

Whether you commonly grill for a small group or don’t have the space for a large grill, it is still important find a quality grill that will last. We have researched and compiled the below list of our picks for the best small gas grills. Since everyone’s definition of small is a bit different, our …

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