Do Snow Blowers Come with Oil?

Traditional snow blowers use both gas and oil to operate the machine. Most people are aware that gas is not included with the purchase of a snow blower. Most people obtain their snow blower gas from the gas station by filling a gas can such as this Garage Boss found on Amazon. But, what about oil?

Do snow blowers come with oil? 

Generally, snow blowers do come with oil. The manufacturer will typically provide a sufficient amount of oil to have the snow blower ready for use when the gas and oil are added. Remember that oil and gas are not mixed together for snow blowers like you would a leaf blower. They are poured into separate filler openings similar to how a car is supplied with oil and gas.

The owner’s manual or starting instructions should be referenced to determine how to properly add the oil to the machine and what potential other tasks need to be performed to get the machine running. Always check the dipstick after adding oil to verify the appropriate amount of oil has been added.

For proof that oil is commonly comes with a snow blower purchase, we took a sample of 14 snow blowers to see if oil is included (i.e. a bottle of oil is provided or it is already in the machine). We included smaller single-stage snow blowers up to the larger track snow blowers in our sample. The table below shows the results. In summary, all but one (the Snow Beast snow blower) includes oil.

BrandModel #Includes Oil? Link to Snow Blower
Ariens921045YesView Product
Ariens938025YesProduct Review
Ariens920028YesView Product
Briggs & Stratton1696847YesView Product
Briggs & Stratton1696614YesView Product
CraftsmanCMXGBAM1054541YesView Product
CraftsmanCMXGBAM1054539YesView Product
HondaHS720AMYesView Product
HondaHSS1332ATYesView Product
Husqvarna961930096YesView Product
Husqvarna961930101YesView Product
Snow Beast36SBM16NoView Product
Toro Power Clear38472YesView Product
Toro38802YesView Product

Be aware that some snow blower come with oil already in the engine. Therefore, you should not assume that the snow blower does not have oil simply because it did not come with a bottle of oil in the packaging. You will need to read the manual in full to determine the appropriate steps to add oil (or not).