Can You Store Firewood In The Garage?

On the surface, storing firewood in the garage is ideal for many people. It is super convenient for those who have an attached garage and want to quickly grab wood for the fireplace or other heat source. Additionally, the shelter keeps the wood dry and out of the elements so that it is ready to burn.  

Despite the positives of storing firewood in the garage, there are some concerns with doing so.  Let’s take a look at these concerns to determine if storing firewood in the garage is right for you. 

Firewood Garage Storage 

Please consider the following before stacking firewood in your garage:

Fire Hazard

Firewood can be a hazardous because of its ability to easily catch fire. While firewood is perfect for starting a fire in the fireplace, you obviously don’t want one started inadvertently in your garage. This can happen, for example, if you place your firewood too close to a garage heater. If you are going to store firewood in your garage, you must be certain that it does not have the ability to catch fire. 


Another concern with storing firewood in the garage are insects. Insects can remain dormant inside wood for a lengthy period. However, once they enter the warmth of the garage, they can revitalize and emerge out of the wood to potentially infest the space around them. This is a good reason why you typically should not bring firewood indoors until it is ready to be burned. If you plan on bringing wood into the garage or indoors, it is best to check it for signs of insects before doing so. If you notice insects on your firewood, do not spray them with an insecticide that will be harmful when burned. 


If you stack firewood in your garage, you will potentially be creating an ideal shelter for pests such as mice, rats, and chipmunks to enjoy as their home. You should avoid storing firewood in your garage if you suspect pests have the ability to enter it at freewill. The last thing that most people want is their garage infested with vermin hiding deep in the firewood.  

Unseasoned Firewood 

Freshly cut firewood is typically greater than 60 percent water and terrible for starting fires. It will smoke excessively and be a nuisance to all that are near.  Firewood needs to be dried or seasoned in order to be prepared to be efficiently burned. The best way to season firewood is to place it in the sun so that it dries quickly. If you place it in the garage, it will dry but it may take longer. It is recommended to only place already seasoned firewood in the garage for the most practical results.


Most garages have limited space to store items such as garden tools, lawn mowers, and snow blowers. Even with several garage shelving units in place, space can be at a premium in many garages. You should ask yourself if it is really practical to store firewood in the garage. It is often not a necessity and typically outdoor storage is a superior method for storing firewood. 


While we have noted a few precautions about bringing firewood into the garage, there are plenty of people who report no issues whatsoever. In fact, there are many people that even store firewood in their basements without problems with bugs, rodents, and so on. 

If you plan on storing firewood in your garage, it is best bring in a minimal amount of maybe a week or two of needed wood at a time. This will ensure that the firwood is constantly being rotated through to deter the chances of bugs and pests.

The firewood should already be seasoned outdoors and ready to go for burning in the fireplace or wood stove. Be sure to stack the wood safely off the ground in a manageable pile. You may want to consider purchasing a firewood cart that can be used to haul and store the wood in the garage.