The 9 Best Leaf Scoops for 2021

Best Leaf Scoops

What Are Leaf Scoops

Raking leaves into a pile is the easy part. Picking up leaves and transferring them into a bag is another story. Many people struggle with this step during fall cleanup as they try to place leaves into a bag using their hands, a rake with their hands, or another inefficient method. This can be an extremely frustrating and time-consuming process.

Fortunately, there is a better solution for picking up leaves. Leaf scoops are plastic mitt-like scoops that are placed on both hands. They create a large surface area as an extension of your hands to make it easier to pick up a pile of leaves, sticks, mulch,  or other material. They protect your hands from potentially getting dirty, wet, and from insect bites.  They provide an excellent way to save time and energy so you can quickly get back to enjoying your day.

Before we get into our list of the best leaf scoops, check out the below video which provides a quick demonstration on how they work. There are several people who believe these are gimmicky before they see them in action. However, once they use them, they realize that the scoops can be a huge time saver.

Best Leaf Scoops for 2021

Bully Tools 1000 Poly Leaf Scoop

These rugged poly leaf scoops are 14.625 wide by 12.5 inches long. Their size makes them very manageable to operate without getting in the way. They will allow a hand to easily fit into a compost bag or trash can to compact down the leaves. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty for this product, which speaks to its quality. We especially like the teeth on the ends of these scoops which allow for an easier pick of leaves and other material. The teeth are particularly useful when used to grab small leaves or debris.

ReLeaf Ergonomic Leaf Scoops

The ReLeaf leaf scoops admittedly have a superhero look,  but there is no question that these work as designed.  At 15 inches by 15 inches, these scoops offer ample space to pick up a large pile of leaves in very little time. They weigh only 1.25 pounds so your hands will not be bogged down by the weight. These highly rated and popular leaf scoops are sold as a pair and will make a great addition to your fall cleanup tools.

Tabor Tools LS12A Leaf Scoops

These Tabor Tools leaf scoops are built to last. They are made out of an extremely durable plastic that is UV-resistant. They are designed to support the wrist, which also provides a level of protection. The tooth-like ends help grip leaves and other debris to help you save time with cleanup. You will be shipped a pair so you will be ready to go once your product arrives.

Aspectek Lady Bug Shaped Leaf Scoops

These are our favorite leaf scoops in terms of having a fun design. However, don’t let the cute ladybug fool you, these do the job they are intended to do. They are not small either at dimensions of 15 inches x 12 inches x 2 inches.  A neat little feature is a hole at the top of the scoops that allows you to hang them from a nail, hook, screw, or another method. The red color makes these difficult to lose in the grass or scrubs.

Leaf Claws Model 9755

These would technically be classified as claws rather than scoops, but they serve a similar purpose. The long reach design helps alleviate some of the physically effort involved in the bending required to pick up leaves and other debris. Despite the size of these claws, they weigh only about two pounds. Most people should be able to easily maneuver these around their yard with little hassle. If you have ever tried to use two traditional rakes together to pick of leaves, you probably experienced a great deal of frustration. This product eliminates that frustration with the addition of practical hand grips and the obvious removal of the handle that a traditional rake contains.

GardenHome Leaf Scoops

These are a quality and budget friendly option for individuals routinely dealing with leaves, mulch, trash, trimmings, or other similar material.  A nice feature of these scoops is that the handles are adjustable to accommodate various hand sizes. The dimensions are 15 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch, which provide a large area for handling big piles. The two holes on the side of the scoops (pictured above) provide a convenient option to allow the scoops to hang on a nail or hook.

Bosmere Steel Leaf Grabs

The Bosmere Leaf Grabs are an excellent option for people looking to avoid bending down to clean up yard debris. You simply grab the debris with the grabs and transfer it to a yard refuse bag or similar container. There is minimal bending or squatting down. This can greatly reduce ache and pains to the body for many people.

The two handles are 35-inches tall and the blade is 16-inches. The blade is manufactured with a heavy-duty plastic while the handles are steel. The top of the handles is equipped with foam for add comfort.

Kasian House Leaf Scoops

What stands out with these scoops is the removable padded handle sleeves (pictured above). If you have a lot of material to scoop up, this padding will help deter the irritating rubbing against your hand and will add comfort. You are able to remove the padding if you need more room. The 18 inch width and large teeth contribute to making this an excellent tool for scooping.

Gardex Leaf Scoops

These are the leaf scoops shown in the video above. Since you can see them in action, we won’t get into too much detail on why we think these are one of the best leaf scoops. The product dimensions are 13 inches x 15 inches x 4 inches and they weigh only 12 ounces.


We hope you found our list useful for helping you find the best leaf scoops for your yard. We know how difficult yard cleanup can be, particularly in the fall. Leaf scoops are an inexpensive but very effective way to help minimize the effort involved in cleaning up a variety of items around the yard.